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5 Girls You DON'T Want as Bridesmaids (Yes, We're Going There)

So you've set a date, got your eye on your dream gown and you're ready to meet your Mr up the aisle so you can become Mr and Mrs. All that's left is for you to pick your bridal party - a troop of 'maids to accompany you on the final leg of your journey! We've done the practical advice - y'know, weigh up your friendships, decide who can be relied upon, listen to your heart - but now it's time to get plain ol' honest and tell you exactly who you should never, ever consider choosing as a bridesmaid*.

The narcissist

We all know - and possibly love - one. You know, the gal who makes every story about her; who just can't stop talking about that time a random stranger thought she was Claudia Schiffer; the girl who is convinced that the girl at the corner of the bar is her boyfriend's ex, Alicia, who has obviously hunted her down on Facebook, followed her here and is now scoping her out like some psychopath

In other words? She's the girl who can't fathom the idea that anything would not be about her - and that is not going to change when it comes to your wedding. The rub? She's 100% expecting to be asked, so make sure you find something else to occupy her time.

The drunk

Poor Lizzie just can't hold her liquor - or, rather, she just doesn't know when to stop: 10 drinks before dinner isn't gonna make a productive member of society out of anyone (except maybe Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, strongman turned Game of Thrones star). She'll be the 'maid knocking back the bubbly before your ceremony. She'll have a little tumble going up the aisle (nothing major) and later, she'll be the one talking - loudly - about how much you hate your in-laws (while standing next to your new Mom).

No one is safe. You have a choice on this one, though: sit her down, express your concerns about her drinking at your wedding and hope that she'll be level-headed enough to stick to the water for your big day. If that conversation goes badly, well, chances are she won't want to be one of your 'maids anyway.

The liar

The thing about liars, right, is that they're incredibly, deathly dull. If you know your friend has a tendency to, well, embellish the truth, how can you feign interest in her "amazing" (and undoubtedly untrue) stories? The liar loves to have the most outlandish tales and to be the center of each and every conversation, which can be kind of fun on a night out (so long as you have a sympathetic friend to eyeroll at across the room). At your wedding, though? Not so much. (Do, however, sit her at the senior citizens' table - they'll be delighted with her OTT tales and won't think to question their veracity.)

The unhappy singleton

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a certain type of woman reaches a certain age and finds herself without a man, well, she's not too happy about it all. Everything becomes a personal dig at her. She sees happy couples everywhere, flaunting their love. She doesn't think your fiancé is good enough for you, and she misses the time when you were single and unhappy together. All of this unhappiness, of course, will mainfest itself in expressions that look a lot like jealousy and a lack of happiness for you, which is really not what you want on your wedding day. If she can't get over her own issues and be happy for you, then she shouldn't be a part of your day.

The karaoke singer

Because no bride in the world ever has dreamed of her tipsy bridesmaid grabbing the mic from the (expensive) band and crooning her own rendition of John Legend's All Of Me. You have been warned.


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