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5 Pretty Personal Wedding Cake Toppers

Like so much else at your wedding, your cake toppers can be personalized to truly represent you and your betrothed, whether you're crazy animé fans, traditional romantics or bike enthusiasts! 

For all things customized, our first stop is always Etsy, where you can choose from a huge host of custom-made items, to suit all budgets! (Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by Etsy, we're just big fans!) Don't tell the creatives over at Etsy that we said this, but looking through custom-made items can also prove a great source of inspiration if you feel like doing a little DIY yourself. YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials - c'mon, wire words can't be that tricky, can they? 

Does anyone else remember the part in Friends where they discuss the way lobsters hold hands under water? The animal kingdom is full of romance, but the idea of lobsters clutching claws under the sea is one of our favorites - and these lobster cake toppers by Clay'N'Art on Etsy would work perfectly for soulmates who can imagine wanting to hold tightly on to one another always. Awwwwww!

For the same-sex couple, this cake topper by MissSarahCake on Etsy really makes a statement without making an over-the-top statement! The clean lines would be very appealing to the graphic designers among you, while the purple color stays away from traditional ideas of gender (pink for girls? Yawn!). They're also a great keepsake that will look cute on your mantlepiece for years to come!

For the ocean lovers, this sea lion topper by FancyPantsClay on Etsy is a super-cute and totally quirky choice! The one danger we could foresee, however, is that this polymer concoction looks a little like chocolate - so do keep an eye on any particularly greedy guests!

Say we do in a slightly more traditional way with this stylish topper by CreativeStamps on Etsy - again, a totally keepable and reusable option that would look great in a box frame or on your mantlepiece. We love the metal, which will work well with whatever color scheme you go for!

Last, but by no means least, ReadyGo on Etsy will customize this topper to your exact specifications: hair color, skin tone, height, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you get your spouse's approval; perhaps your 5ft 8in honey wants to believe he's a little taller than you, or that his belly is a little smaller than it is! Make your topper to your vision of your best selves and it'll always make you smile! 


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