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5 ways to have stylish wedding invitations on a budget

The price of invitations can vary widely depending on the type of ink you want, what sort of paper is used, and how elaborate your design is. You can save money without scrimping on style, all it takes is some planning and creativity. 

The most important thing to do is research your options and shop around. See how costs vary for different options and see what works with your wedding.    

Write your guest list

Before you go shopping you should write your guest list so you know how many invitations you need. If you’re shopping with a guesstimate then you could end up with way too many invitations, or even worse you could end up with not enough! That means you have to order more which is gonna cost you more money. If you’re hoping to save money then think about how many invites yuo actually need to send - you only need to send one invitation per couple or even one per family!

Make your own

If you have time to make your own invitations you can save money and create a fun family project. Look for kits that have everything you need and search the internet for templates and ideas. You might have a friend or member of your family who is a graphic designer or someone who is crafty enough to make your wedding invitations for you. Keep it simple to keep costs down. Factor in the cost of the materials you will need from card and printing ink to envelopes and embellishments. If you don’t work out your budget you could end up spending more than you would if you bought them professionally!

Keep it simple

You might love bows and ribbons, but your budget won't! Embellishments will add to the cost of your invitations and also add weight, so when you go to mail them the cost of postage could be higher than you expected. You might also need a bigger envelope and that will also cost you more money. Simple invitations can still look beautiful and classy without all the detail. See what stores charge and if they add more for cerain designs or looks. Then consider if you can cut costs by simplifying your invitations. 

Look for deals and discounts

Pick a reputable company and see if you can strike a deal. Some shops have sales or offer discounts on end-of-line products. If you have friends who are also getting married, you might be able to get a deal if you order in bulk or get a discount if you make a referral. Lots of companies offer discounts and coupon codes to new customers so check a company's website for special offers and don't be afraid to ask in store.

Make invitations virtual

By using the internet you can save some money by going totally virtual and using emails and social media to invite people to your wedding. Not everyone needs a save the date, you can send emails to friends and family who are computer savvy with the initial date of your wedding. Of course you will have older family members you will want to send a paper reminder too, but the less you have to mail the more you save. Check out websites like Eventbrite, Pingg or Evite where you can create events with email invitations. 



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