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5 Wedding Day Disasters and How to Deal with Them

No matter how much preparation you put into your wedding, things can always go wrong. But the secret to dealing with wedding disasters is to be ready for anything, putting on a brave face and being able to laugh them off. 

There are plenty of couples that have had disaster strike on their wedding day and, eventually, they can laugh about it and have a great story to tell their grandkids. 

We take a look at five wedding disasters and what you can do to deal with them in a cool, calm and collected way.

Can’t predict the weather 

You had planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony, but the morning of the wedding you wake up to rain! There’s nothing you can do about the weather, so always have a backup plan in place in case it decides to scupper your event. When it comes to your wedding photos you could embrace the rain and pose under colorful umbrellas and matching rain boots.  If you get married during a heat wave you face less problems, but make sure you have plenty of bottled water and sunscreen and that your reception room is well ventilated or air conditioned. 


Your guests get lost

When you send out your invitations, make sure you include clear directions to your venue the reception. If you can include a map with GPS coordinates then your guests should be able to easily find you. But there will always be people who get lost. Include a phone number on your invitation for the venue or someone who will be able to answer the phone on the day and offer directions to the wedding.  


Something spilt on your dress!

Don’t panic! It might seem like the end of the world (especially if someone has spilt red wine on your white dress) but take a deep breath and it will be OK. Try to remove the stain as soon as it happens or you notice it with stain removing wipes. Be prepared for spills by getting your wedding day emergency kit ready before the big day with everything you will need for small emergencies during the wedding, from a small sewing kit to clear nail polish for repairing a run in your pantyhose. Download the Dreamwedding Wedding Day Emergency Kit checklist for ideas.  


Your booking didn’t show up

It’s really important that you check and double check with everyone who is providing services for your wedding, from the DJ to the caterers and florist, so you avoid last minute surprises. But if disaster strikes your day is not ruined! If the DJ or band doesn’t show up you can hook up an MP3 player to the stereo system and play your own music. If your cake doesn’t show up try and get something from a local bakery or store as a last minute substitution. With the help of your guests and a bit of creative thinking you can overcome any wedding disaster.


Too many guests!

On your big day there are more people than you expected. You don’t have enough seats and there's not enough food for everyone. What will you do? Speak to your venue manager and caterer and see if they can help. More seating can be added to tables or an extra table can be set for the last-minute guests. Your caterer might be able to stretch to a few extra meals, but if you’re on a tight budget you might ask the latecomers to pay up the extra cost. To avoid disaster you should contact people who haven’t sent their RSVP a few weeks before the wedding and check if they are coming or not. That way you should have the right number of guests for table settings and avoid a last-minute disaster that you really don't need!


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