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5 Wedding 'Essentials' He Simply Doesn't Care About

There are certain aspects of your wedding that are bound to be important to both of you, while there are others that, inevitably, will be more important to you than they are to him. Such as?

The flowers

Everyone loves beautiful blooms at a wedding ceremony - but the simple truth is, some people love them more than others, and while you're getting yourself into a frenzy thinking about the price of peonies versus ranunculus, or the optimal season for dahlias, chances are slim that your hubbie is thinking about your floristry in as much detail. Do not expect him to give any particularly helpful advice.

The invitations

Though he may have some initial thoughts on your invitations - usually informed by his mother, and relating to whose name goes where - it is more than likely that your husband to be won't take much of an interest in your stationery suite. 

The place settings

If you can't get your husband to use his napkin at home, or to respect the conventions of cutlery, don't expect this to change when you're planning your wedding. If you want to have long and involved conversations with your wedding planner or coordinator about linens, crockery and cutlery, do yourselves both a favor and leave him at home!

Your bridal accessories

Birdcage veil or Mantilla? Gloves or no gloves? Pearl necklace, earrings or both? (Or neither?) These are questions for your mother, mother-in-law (who will love being included) and friends - not for your husband, who quite likely doesn't understand different veils and has no interest in whether your hands are gloved or not.

The photo 'props'

You've sourced the most perfect vintage-style balloons / bicycle / water pump to act as a backdrop to your perfect wedding photographs. Don't expect him to be excited about it - the idea of posing for an endless series of photographs is anathema to most men, and having props is just another step down the rabbit-hole. The exception? A vintage car is sure to grab his attention. 

Of course, this is all a bit tongue in cheek - we know there are men out there who are super interested and super involved! But it is worth remembering that this is his day, too, so save your stressing for the things that are equally important to him, and the rest of it? It'll figure itself out!


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