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8 Ultimate Father of the Bride Fails! #FATHEROFBRIDEFAIL

We all know that a wedding is a day for celebrating, but pause a moment for the dads and how they must feel saying goodbye to their little girls. Sure they’re not gone forever, but their daughter will be part of a new life and a new family from this day forth.

You’ve always been the most important man in your daughter’s life and now this guy is going to be the main man in her world! But fathers of brides must not forget that there will always be a special place for daddy. 

Dads have a big part to play on a wedding day, from walking his daughter down the aisle to the father – daughter dance. With so much going on, it’s easy for dads to forget important things like watching where he walks, wearing a belt and his killer dance moves. 

We take a look at some of the ultimate father of the bride fails...


Watch your step!

There’s a lot to think about when walking down an aisle. There are so many things that can trip you up, put you off course or just distract you from your very important job! This dad is clearly concentrating hard on the task of walking his daughter down the aisle that once he’s done he forgets to watch his step. Just goes to show that dads and veils don’t mix!


The blushing dad

Guys will often dig out an old suit from the back of the wardrobe rather than buy a new one. But that opens a whole can of fails. Badly fitting suits do nothing for a man, so why not use a wedding as an excuse to buy a new suit. If you can’t buy the suit perhaps a pair of pants or a belt, because otherwise you might end up like this blushing father of the bride…


Time to leave

You’ve made it to the end of the wedding ceremony – good job Dad! But don’t take your eye off the ball, that suit can still turn into one massive fail (just hope that nobody notices).


Here's to the bottom

The speech is another really important part of a father of the bride’s day. You’ve spent hours, weeks, even months perfecting it, and now it’s your time to shine. Just hope a wardrobe malfunction doesn’t leave the speech on a bum note!


Showing some skin

Dads can be unpredictable; even as they get older they can have bizarre new behavior. Some buy motorbikes, some buy a speedboat while others take up social media (we’ve already put our profiles on private). Not only does this dad have an epic shirt, he chose his speech to show off his new and very real tattoos, much to the surprise of the guests...


Dad’s Potty mouth

You never know what a dad is gonna say in his speech, and for daughters with dads that have a history of embarrassing behavior they know that something cringe worthy is coming. This poor bride had to stand next to her Dad as he literally talks shit during his father of the bride speech.


Dad Dancing fail

When men become fathers it’s like they lose the ability to dance! Once kings of the dance floor are turned into awkward and jerky movers who specialize in belt grabbing, terrible twisting and air guitar. Although there are some incredible father – daughter dances out there, we think most dads should keep it simple, or you could end up as just another fail…


More Dad dancing fails

As we said, dads aren’t known for their dancing. But we love a dad who gets up there and dances like nobody’s watching. Dads…we salute you! 



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