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8 Ultimate Wedding Photographer Fails! #WEDDINGPHOTOFAIL

In every married couple's home there is that prized photo taken on the happiest day of their lives – their wedding day. There are the couples who got married in the 70s smiling from behind their tinted sunglasses. Then there are the big haired brides of the 80s posing with husbands in Miami Vice style suits.  Just like today, the wedding photographs of 2014 will look funny to the kids of the future. 

Wedding photos are a BIG deal, so hiring a professional photographer is really, really important! Lots of couples have tales of woe thanks to bad photographers. You might think you’re saving money, but if your wedding photographs go wrong they are ruined forever. Sure you can book a photo shoot after the wedding, but you’re still paying more than you intended.

From accident prone photographers to ruined photographs, we take a look at some of the ultimate wedding photographer fails!

Clumsy camera

Hiring a professional means you’ll get a photographer who knows their way around a wedding venue. They will have lots of experience of when and where they can take photos without causing any damage. This couple asked one of their grandfathers to take their photos…with some interesting results:


Making the pastor mad

Marriage officiants are generally calm and collected people. They need to be as they deal with mad, bad and nervous couples who are about to commit to spending their lives together. There are plenty of unexpected things that can happen, from runaway brides to jilting grooms, so they need to keep a calm head on them. Love him or hate him for taking a stand, this pastor had reached his limit on distracting photographers: 


Overenthusiastic photographers

In an ideal world you would have lots of photographs to choose from when putting an album together. But there’s being thorough and there’s being thorough. Some photographers go rogue and start taking photographs non-stop! Then they block the guests view and, even worse, the video camera’s view! Professionals will be used to working with videographers and know what's appropriate during a service, unlike this pair:  



As a bride and groom you are super nervous that everything goes well at the altar. You’re focused and in the zone, the vows are flowing and then something catches your eye…it’s the photographer! 


All fall down!

Even the most professional photographer can have an off day. There’s actually a lot of skill in taking photographs at weddings. There are lots of things going on and there are tons of obstacles they can trip up on (including small children). Then they have to do all of this while walking backwards! These poor photographers ended up taking a tumble in church, but at least they had a ‘soft’ landing:



If a wedding photographer does take a tumble in church, then it’s a strong person who can resist the urge to laugh. We would be stifling laughter, just like this poor bride:


The great outdoors

Once the service is done and the husband and wife have walked down the aisle together, it’s time for some family and couple shots outdoors. Yet again there is a lot that can go wrong, especially when nature is all around you. There are even more obstacles to look out for, including your own two feet…


 Perilous poses

We love a wedding photograph with a beautiful backdrop. Some couples will go to a special spot for their photos that gives them magnificent pictures that take your breath away. Here on Dreamwedding we’ve features some amazing wedding photographs, and in all the real weddings we’ve seen photos with ocean or lake view is always popular. But, as we’ve already seen, wedding photographs and water don’t always mix: 





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