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All in the Details: What to Include on a Wedding Invitation

You’ve picked everything from the date and venue to the dress and honeymoon location. What’s left to do? Oh right, the wedding invitation! After all, if you want guests, you do need to let them know that there’s something important happening!

Here are all of the things to include in the all-important invitation.

Start off the invitation with a little tradition by writing 

[Name of Bride’s Parents] request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter.

You can change this up a little if you want, but just be sure to remind your guests that their presence will be honoured. Everyone needs a little ego boost once in a while.


On the next line, write down the bride and groom’s names. This should be done by writing, [Bride’s Name] to [Groom’s Name.] Put together with the top line, it will all read, 

[Name of Bride’s Parents] request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter [Bride’s Name] to [Groom’s Name]. 

Under the names, put down the date. If you want to get really fancy, you can write the date by using words instead of numbers - even when writing the year! But if that sounds like too much work, you can just write the date normally. Your guests will forgive you.

Below the date, put down the time of the wedding. You don’t want your guests showing up late. Also be sure to put if it’s AM or PM to ensure there’s absolutely no confusion. Not that there’s any party kicking off at 8am. Or is there?

Now, it’s time to write down the wedding location. If you don’t mention the location, you won’t have any witnesses to prove you really got married. So be sure to write the location out carefully, and include the address.

If your reception is at a different venue than your wedding, put that down next along with the time the reception is scheduled to start. If your reception is in the same place as your wedding simply write, ‘Reception to Follow’ under the location.


That takes care of your wedding invitation… but there’s one more important piece to add in before you send the invitations out: an RSVP card. Some people get really creative with their RSVP cards and give a long list of humorous options for why the guest won’t be attending. If you don’t want to do all of that, you can create a simple card. Start by writing RSVP. Under that you can write:

The pleasure of your reply is requested by [Date.]

Then, just give an easy yes or no option for the guest to check off. Once all of that is done, you’ll be ready to seal your invitation and RSVP card in an envelope. This simple wedding invitation gives your guests all the important details. They don’t have any excuse for showing up at the wrong venue or walking in at the wrong time! You can be rest assured that all of the information the guests need is there on your wedding invitation.  



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