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Back to Reality: Dealing with Post-Honeymoon Blues

Some people plan their wedding for years, some for months, some since they were children, walking their dressed-up dolls down the homemade toilet-roll aisle. For most, wedding planning is a huge period in their life which, especially in the lead-up to the big day, can be all consuming. So when the dust finally settles and you return home from honeymoon, a natural feeling of emptiness can creep in.

The post-honeymoon blues are a common feeling amongst newlyweds and if they are not dealt with properly can potentially lead to problems in any new marriage. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be, as long as you recognize that a lull after such a high is natural and take some simple preventative measures. 

First off, prepare for the calming-down period in advance. Weddings, their lead ups, and their whirlwind aftermaths are frantic, exciting and chaotic and it is really helpful to try and pace the madness as much as possible. Often, it’s a great idea to have a ‘breather’ period between the wedding itself and the honeymoon.

While sailing off into the sunset in your white dress may seem dreamy and romantic, many couples often regret not taking some time in between to enjoy the excitement of the whole thing with their family and friends. The days after your wedding can be magical; friends and family are still around and the fairy-dust has not yet been completely swept away. If possible, enjoy these days together before your more intimate adventure begins. 

Likewise, try to plan a few days of calm on your return. If you arrive back from honeymoon and jump straight back to work the next day, sand still in your shoes, reality may hit too hard too fast. If possible, enjoy the coming-down period together, take time to unpack, unwrap gifts and just enjoy being back to your own world as a married couple. 

Once you really, really, yes reeeeally MUST go back to work, keep planning! Obviously not to the same extent that you were before, but it is a nice distraction to plan some upcoming weekends, whether it be a scenic drive, a dinner party with friends or just a relaxing movie night in. With plenty to do and look forward to, the transition from tornado to tumbleweed will be smooth and enjoyable.


If you’re still finding it tough to shake the post-honeymoon blues, don’t worry. The hype of your own wedding can be the most all-consuming time of your life, both mentally and physically and the vacuum it leaves can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Talk to your partner about this and go through it together. Because, you guessed it, that’s what marriage is all about! 


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