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Bridal Etiquette - 5 Things Not to Do (Like, Ever)

Lions and tigers and bad manners... oh my! The best day of your life can quickly become one of the suckier ones of theirs if you aren’t careful. These five cardinal sins of bridal etiquette are big no-nos , epic fails, girl-oh-no-she-didn’ts – even though we know... we are preaching to the choir.

Asking for money

Please, please for the love of all that’s holy do NOT ask for money at the wedding – yes, that means even if it’s in a cutesy way you’ve seen on Pinterest. They bought you a toaster, probably bought a new outfit for the event and sprung for the gas to see you get hitched. Asking for money comes off greedy... keep it about the day, not the dollah.

Sweating the small stuff... 

And in wedding planning there is A LOT of small stuff! Don’t turn into the girl that freaks out because her napkins came in kiwi instead of sage. There is always a way to work it out, even when it seems impossible. You are a lot more likely to get things the way you want them - and fast - if you're not flying back to the napkin store on a broomstick. 

Telling off your mom/in-laws

It’s your wedding, right? Then why doesn’t it feel like it? Moms and In-laws love meddling in your wedding plans and it probably makes you seethe. But the truth is that they're not meddling to make you miserable. They are meddling to take their minds off the heartbreak of what “I do” really means for them. You and your fiancé are starting a new life and they are officially left in the dust of matrimony. Letting them help and listening to their ideas may feel like a chore, but giving just a little tiny bit can make all the difference.

Housing a cash bar 

In the mind of your guests, they’ve put their Saturdays on hold to come and join in your happiness. They’ve likely already invested in a gift. Housing a cash bar is a money saver in theory but not worth tarnishing an otherwise wonderful wedding over. 

Neglecting your groom and friends

Just because you're planning a wedding... the world doesn’t just stop spinning. It can be easy to put off friendship obligations when you are wrapped up in hiring a band and picking the perfect caterer – but don’t fall into that trap. Your groom and friends will be around for a lifetime and this time in your life sets the tone for your new life as a married woman. Be the wife and friend you want to be now. Don’t wait.


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