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Bridal shower tipple - the perfect mojito

If you're in luck, your 'maids will be handling your bridal shower duties for you - but you may want to lend a hand, so why not offer to make cocktails for your guests? Cocktail-making is fun and, once you have the right ingredients, pretty straightforward! We're big fans of the mojito: a simple, people-pleasing drink that's great for warmer weather and looks great in photos. 

The most important thing for a really delicious mojito is fresh mint which, fortunately for you, is super easy to grow - so easy, in fact, that you're better off growing it in a pot or container, otherwise it will take over your garden while your back is turned! Pick your leaves a little earlier that day and rinse them with some fresh water; then place in an airtight container in the fridge, with a tablespoon of water so they don't dry out.

Ingredients (serves 6)

6 limes

18 fresh mint leaves

1/2 cup of sugar (we prefer light brown)

5/8 cup of rum

club soda to taste (chilled)


  1. Cut your limes into wedges and squeeze the juice into a pitcher - divide the juiced wedges evenly between six tumblers.
  2. Add the sugar and (almost all of the) mint leaves to the lime juice and mash using the end of a rolling pin, a muddle stick or a pestle (you can do each glass individually if you have time).
  3. Add the rum and lots of soda, along with a few handfuls of ice cubes.
  4. Serve! Allow people to add their own club soda, to taste, and garnish with a few leftover mint leaves.


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