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5 Beautiful Budget Friendly Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces are one of the details that can make or break a wedding’s theme. They're an important part of the wedding reception that every bride worries about getting perfect. Every bride want centerpieces that both look beautiful and perfectly fit their theme. But, getting the perfect centerpieces can get a little pricy  if you don't watch your spending. 

Wth a little bit of creativity and some budgeting, you can get beautiful centerpieces that don’t cost you a fortune. Here’s some ways you can do just that.

Use Fewer Flowers in the Centerpiece

Even if you do create your own centerpieces, you might run into the problem of the expensive cost of flowers. Luckily, there's a pretty easy solution to this problem - use fewer flowers! Another solution is to choose a flowers that are in season. Seasonal flowers will always be cheaper than flowers that are not in bloom. You’ll also be able to find them easily, since most florists will be stocking them. If you do have your heart set on a flower that’s not in season, just cut back on the amount that you use. That way you’ll be able to have your dream flowers but still stick to your budget.

Turn Favors into Centerpieces

Another way to save money is to simply combine your centerpieces with the party favors! Create a cute arrangement of chocolates in the center of the table, or wrap up small items in colorful boxes that can be tied with a cute ribbon.By combining the centerpiece and party favors, you will save in two ares of your budget! Your guests are sure to love being able to take the centerpieces home with them! 


Create a Wild Centerpiece

One very budget friendly way to make a centerpiece is to take plants and flowers from your own backyard. With the right arrangement and a nice vase, they will look gorgeous. You won’t have to worry about going out and finding the items needed for your centerpiece, because everything will be in your yard, ready for the taking. Because you'll be so busy getting ready you might want to pass this job on to one of your bridesmaids, or even get your mom involved. 

Make your Own Centerpieces

The easiest ways to save money on centerpieces is to simply create your own! Start by deciding what you want them to look like, then hit up the craft store with a list of all the things you need to make your dream a reality. Because this is a big job, enlist some friends to help you in creating the centerpieces. If you bribe them with dinner and a bottle of wine, they’ll certainly help you out! With a little bit of time, creativity, and crafty skill, you’ll be able to create centerpiecesand save the money you would have spent at a store.

Get Creative!

Think outside the box and look for alternatives to the traditional centerpieces. You could have balloons, vintage bircages and even a pile of your favorite books! For a romantic wedding you can set the mood with an array of candles, or for an outdoor reception you could use  coolers or ice buckets filled with refreshing drinks. Large letters (literally) make a statement and look very cute on a table. You can either have a word that means something to you or just keep it simple  with those four little letters - LOVE!


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