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10 Things We Love About... Colorful Wedding Dresses

Until Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding in 1840, you wouldn't have seen many brides wearing white. The queens who came before Victoria wore heavily brocaded gowns embroidered with white and silver thread, while more ordinary people wore blue, yellow, and practical colors like black, brown and gray.

Wearing white had nothing to do with being a 'pure' bride, so why are we still so hung up on it?

Designers have been embracing color in their latest wedding dress collections, so why not join them and break from the norm. Here's why we love colorful wedding dresses: 

Self expression

A white wedding dress is beautiful, but it doesn't tell anyone anything about who you really are. With a striking red dress you can signify confidence and self possession, or with a blue dress you could be calmness and relaxation personified. Here's your chance to let your wedding dress do the talking!

You have more options

If you are adamant about wearing white on your wedding day, you're losing out on so much choice! Opening up your color options gives you ample opportunity to find the perfect dress.

Suit your skin tone

Let's face it - white doesn't suit everyone. If you're rather pale, a white dress may make you feel almost invisible. And if you always look your best in green, why should you go with something else on the most important day of your life?

For the photos

A splash of color in any photo is always a good thing, and your wedding snaps are no different.

Stand out from the crowd

Most brides wear white or ivory, but you're not most brides, now are you? Go wild and make a statement on your big day with your dress.

Keeping it real

Wearing white is meant to signify purity and virginity - but for the majority of women in this day and age, who are we kidding?

You can wear it again

When are you going to get the opportunity to wear a white dress again, really? A colorful dress (depending on the style of course) will lend itself to birthdays, holiday parties and any big occasion. You will definitely get your money's worth! 

You won't see the stains

We don't want to spend our wedding night worrying about spills and stains on a white dress. At least if you have a colorful dress, any spills won't be as noticeable. Red wine? Yes, please!

Breaking the rules is fun

Remember when you were a teenager stickin' it to the man? It's still fun to do that sometimes, and especially on big occasions when people are expecting nothing from the unusual.

Don't go with tradition

If no one ever did anything new, then we'd still be wearing who knows what to our wedding.  Breaking tradition can lead to amazing new things... so go for it!


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