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Creative ways to include something old, new, borrowed and blue on your wedding day

Want to incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue into your wedding but are stuck for ideas? Even if you don’t have a cherished strand of pearls from your grandma or some blue shoes you can wear with your dress, it’s easy to find unique ways to add something old to your wedding day look.

With a little creativity you can wear your old, new, borrows and blue items for luck and give a whole new life and meaning to a beloved objects you might never have considered.

Make jewelry meaningful 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate something old or new is to add an accessory. If you have a favorite piece of jewelry from your mom or grandma, now is the perfect time to wear it. It is far easier to incorporate a ring or a necklace than to wear a vintage wedding dress or veil. If you have a few older pieces that don’t fit or just don’t match your style, consider having them adapted into a new piece that's more to your taste. If you have rings from your mom and grandma, consider using the stones to have them made into a new two stone ring or a necklace. It’s a great way to preserve a bit of the old jewelry while creating something that is just for you. It’s also perfect for you ladies with jewelry-loving relatives.

If you inherited a box of babbles, consider having something special made with them. It’s not as expensive as you might think to have a custom piece created and, if you have the time, you might even be able to find a local jewelry making workshop. Of course, you should check with your family to make sure that no one minds having the heirloom altered but, beyond that, you’re only limited by creativity (and a jeweler can help you there). 


Old lace, new use

If you have an old dress or veil that can’t be altered, consider making it into something new. A small piece of lace is easy to incorporate into a headpiece. You can go for something small and sweet, or use it as part of your updo underneath your veil. If you like a more dramatic look you could use it in a statement piece. If you are going to walk down the aisle without a veil, considering making a headwrap or a small headpiece that can be incorporated into your bun. Check online for inspiration and chat with your hairstylist. Lace headbands or headpieces are a great way to create an elegant look without a veil while adding a touch of vintage flair.

If a headpieces won’t work with your wedding day hair style, consider using some lace in your bouquet. For a traditional look, have the base of your bouquet wrapped in lace. For a more modern feel, ask your florist to wrap strands of lace and incorporate buttons or pieces of tulle from an old dress.

A memorable scent

Perfume is a great way to incorporate something new or old. If you need to fill your something old quota, consider wearing the perfume that you wore when you first started dating your soon-to-be hubby. For something new, find a new perfume that you like and wear it for the first time on your big day. It’s the perfect way to create a memory that you can relive every time you wear the perfume. Why not start your own tradition? If you can find a classic perfume that you love and that is likely to stand the test of time, it could be a new tradition to pass along to your future daughter or daughter-in-law. Imagine having your granddaughter spritz on a little Chanel No. 5 before her big day while knowing that you did the exact same thing on your wedding day!



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