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Delicious Wedding Mocktails Everyone Will Love

Providing a full bar for a wedding isn't for the faint of wallet. It can easily run to $3,000 for around 200 people, which is a pretty big chunk out of anyone's budget! But who doesn't want gorgeous cocktails on the tables too? So, a good middle ground is to provide beer, wine and alcohol-free cocktails.

The other advantage of mocktails is that they're healthier, everyone – even the kids and teetotalers - can partake of them, and they have fewer calories than alcoholic beverages.

Whether you're having a booze-free bachelorette party or a non-alcoholic option at your reception, mocktails are a great addition to any drinks menu.

Here are some ideas that will please all your guests:


Pitcher of Virgin Sangria with Strawberries and Grape Cubes (above)

Sangria is a delicious fruit-based wine punch which is more refreshing than wine. Perfect for a sunny day or with Mediterranean food.


1 cup grapes

1 bottle 7-Up or Sierra Mist

2 cups cranberry juice

2 cups seltzer water / Lemon and lime sparkling water

1 cup strawberries

Mint sprigs (Optional)

Orange and lemon slices (Optional) 


Wash the grapes well and place them in a resealable plastic bag. Pop them into your ice box / freezer for 12 hours.

When that's done, combine 7-Up, cranberry juice, seltzer and strawberries in a large pitcher. Stir well. Add the grapes, and if you want them add orange and lemon slices. Garnish your sangria with mint if desired.



Virgin Blood Orange Mojitos

This is a delicious and refreshing summer cocktail that everyone will love! If you can't get your hands on blood oranges you can always use regular oranges.

You will need:  

3 oz. freshly squeezed blood orange juice

3 oz. white grape juice

Lemon and lime seltzer / Lemon and lime sparkling water


To make this refreshing drink, first pour the orange juice and the grape juice over ice. Next fill the glass with the seltzer. Garnish with a little orange rind or a slice of orange and enjoy. 



Virgin Cosmopolitan  

You can still enjoy Carrie Bradshaw's favorite drink without getting tipsy!

You will need:

2.5 oz. cranberry juice

1 oz. lime juice

5 oz. seltzer water Lemon and lime sparkling water

Lime wedges, for garnish 


First off, combine the cranberry and lime juice in a martini shaker with the seltzer and ice. Shake it really well (like a Polaroid picture). Finally, pour the drink over a couple of ice cubes in a glass and garnish with a lemon or lime.



Virgin Tropical Sunrise

Pay homage to the sun with this delicious twist on a tequila sunrise. All the taste without the terrible hangover! 

You will need:

2 oz. orange juice

2 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. lemon juice

Pineapple wedge for garnish


To start, place the juices into a martini shaker with ice. Shake it really well. To finish, pour over ice cubes in a glass and garnish with pineapple. 

Virgin Piña Colada 

'If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.' Actually, everyone will love this cocktail based on the rum favorite. 

You will need:

½ cup fresh pineapple

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

4 ice cubes

Orange slice / cherries / cream for garnish (Optional)


You will need to combine the pineapple, coconut milk and ice in a blender. Process until the mixture is smooth. Serve and finish off by adding a garnish of cherries, orange slice and some cream if desired. 


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