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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

We love weddings - obviously - but no matter how much delight they bring us, not even our team of dedicated wedding experts here at Dreamwedding can deny that they are a tricky, tricky business.

Some ladies have been planning their big day from the time they were old enough to drag a little brother / cousin / neighbour down the garden path with Grandma's best lace curtain on their head. Other women detest the thought of matching petals to pocket squares.

Do you think you need professional help? Here are some things to consider before saying "I do".

One of the most important things to think about is the type of person you are. Without dissecting zodiacs or delving into some deep soul searching, ask yourself a few simple questions - do you love making lists and ticking them off? Do you stick to deadlines or run from them? Are you always behind on your schedule or do you juggle things with ease?

Consider how comfortable you are about sharing the prep with another person. While some people rejoice at the thoughts of sharing tasks, others are less comfortable with handing over the baton.

Think about the help available to you. Maybe you have an army of wedding-knowledgeable sisters, friends, aunts and parents who will show you how it’s done. You could be the first of your group of friends to wed, or the oldest in the family - maybe they're all as baffled as you are. 

Be aware: time actually speeds up from the moment you start planning your wedding (or at the very least, it sure feels like it!) If you and your partner work long hours and have demanding or inflexible jobs, a planner should definitely be considered (all the more so if your engagement is a short one).

While it may be easy to envision your Dreamwedding, not every bride has the means to make this exact fantasy a reality, and a planner may seem like an unnecessary expense. But a good one can actually save you money by sourcing the best deals without compromising on quality – we promise!

A planner will quite literally do the dirty work for you - from dealing with awkward guests and interfering mothers-in-law to scrubbing the jelly stain from your flower girl’s dress. They will keep things from you that you do not need to worry about: little hitches in the day that, in your eyes, would bring the whole thing crashing down are swept under the carpet until you are safely out of the red zone. While this may seem unsettling, do you really need to know the Zinfandel ran out during the fourth course and was replaced with a modest Merlot? (If you don't notice, neither will your guests!)

Weigh up your considerations and budget and make your decision from there - and if you decide to go for it? Do your research! Thousands of brides have gone before you and they will be more than happy to share their experiences and expertise. Ask friends and family (maybe shout-out on Facebook) and scour bridal forums for advice. Happy planning!


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