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Does He Love Me? (I Wanna Know) 5 Ways to Tell if he Loves You So

Sometimes it doesn't matter that you live together, that you're engaged, that you're married or that you have a dog together - you find yourself wondering if he really loves you. I mean, sure, he likes you - but how can you tell if his heart beats for you the way yours beats for him? Here's our foolproof five-step guide to chasing those niggling doubts away (and the indicators are not what you'd think!).

He gives you his last... anything

Men, as a harsh generalization, are not amazing sharers (unless they come from a family of Brady Bunch proportions). So if he's willingly parting with his last Oreo cookie, the last slurp of his milkshake or the final few fries on his plate, chances are he's doing it for love. Ask his buddies: we'd bet good money that he wouldn't be so share-happy with them!

He forgives your freakouts

A freakout, to be clear, isn't the same as a moment of legitimate emotion. A freakout is what happens when, for whatever reason, you find yourself getting irrationally angry over the smallest, most insignificant thing possible. He leaves the remote down the side of the couch, for example, or forgets to order extra guac on your breakfast burrito. DOESN'T HE KNOW YOU AT ALL?! The man who loves you will apologize profusely for his oversight in a seemingly utterly genuine manner. A little later on? Once you've calmed down, he'll kiss you on your forehead and tell you how crazy you were. (As if you didn't already know.)

He pretends to like what you like

Or, at the very least, tolerates it with a good grace. This includes - but is not limited to - watching reruns of Rich Kids of Beverly HillsKeeping up with the Kardashians and America's Next Top Model; green juices; red velvet cupcakes; and kale. He knows you love these things so he doesn't complain about them, will sometimes endure them (for your sake) and resists the urge to call you out in public on your terrible TV taste.

He gets you gifts you actually want

Remember that time you were walking through the mall and you spotted that Michael Kors bag you'd been staking out in Vogue? Well, he did - and produced it, six months later, for your birthday (when you'd almost forgotten about it yourself). You know he's crazy about you when he considers what you've told him you like and stores it up for later use (props for forward planning, too).

He sees your flaws... and he loves you anyway

There's a real myth about love, that being in love means you see nothing wrong with your other half. Well, we call baloney on this one! There is no one on earth who is perfect, and love doesn't suddenly make you believe there is. Y'know how you know it's love? Because he looks at you and says, "y'know, you are the moodiest person I ever met". Then he turns back to your Kardashians re-runs and says, "but I don't even care".


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