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Essential Items For The Best Bachelorette* Ever! *not guaranteed

Bachelorette parties are designed to be a raucous celebration of a bride's single years - and a lamentation for her induction into the hall of married women - so you can pretty much assume that they involve booze (although not always), man-shaped things (ahem) and some heavy-handed attempts to bamboozle and mortify the bride. Of course, the best bachelorettes are creative and unexpected - but there are a few elements that every bachelorette absolutely needs to have. Namely:

Message from the groom

At some point during a bachelorette, it will be revealed that the bridesmaids have been in communication with the groom, getting his insight into the bride's inner workings. This may take the form of a Mr'n'Mrs quiz or a videoed message from him (which should be sweet and romantic but also a little embarrassing - encourage him to mention her habit of getting into her PJs before she gets through the door, or her penchant for clipping her toenails in the bedroom). The overall message? Your husband-to-be loves you! But hey, your flaws don't go unnoticed. And did we mention we <3 him?

Something shaped like a penis

Okay, so this is juvenile - but that doesn't mean it's not fun! No matter how classy your bachelorette affair, there is nothing that breaks the ice between vague acquaintances quicker than gazing at each other over strawberry mojitos while sucking on a baby pink penis-head straw. If skin color is a little too close to the proverbial bone, you can always go for a rainbow variation to keep things a little more PG.

A camera

If you're shocked by this addition to the list, you are missing out on a whole world of selfie-related craziness! In all seriousness, you need this camera - to take photographs of the inappropriate moments that occur between the bride and men in bars; to capture her tearful reaction when you read out her groom's message; to take photographs of her lawyer cousin and her elementary teacher bestie sipping drinks through a straw phallus. These are memories you're gonna want to hold on to (just exercise serious caution when uploading to Facebook - what happens on a bachelorette stays on a bachelorette!). 

Bride paraphernalia 

Some brides-to-be may baulk at the idea of donning the traditional veil-and-sash combo, but your bride needs something, not to make her feel "special", per se, but to mark her out as a target for passersby and, let's face it, mainly men in bars, who may feel driven to buy her (and you) a drink. In general, it adds a little whimsy and hilarity to festivities - remember, as well as making this the best night ever (!), you want your bride embarrassed at least once.


Here's the after-school special portion of our programming... we know this is boring, but it's important, too: don't forget to drink water (at least one glass for every alcoholic drink). We've heard way too many stories about bridesmaids (and even the bride!) having to bail out early because she couldn't hold her liquor. Have a great time, get a little rowdy - but drink sensibly!


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