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Everything you Need to Know About Booking a Wedding Photographer

Every couple wants wedding photographs to look back on when they’re old and grey. Imagine yourselves sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket on your knees and a mug of cocoa in hand and looking back at happy times. Unless of course your photographer is a disaster who ruins the photos leaving you with nothing but a blurry mess! 

That’s why it’s so important that you hire a pro to take your pictures.  

When it comes to finding a wedding photographer it can be like going on lots of awkward first dates if you don’t do your homework. Someone who sounds good and is giving you a great deal could turn out to be your worst nightmare if you don’t ask them some very important questions. 

Getting a member of your family or a friend to do your photos might seem like a good idea (it is if they are a professional photographer), but many newlyweds have been left with blurry photographs with heads chopped off thanks to amateurs who don’t have the essential skills. 

We asked professional wedding photographers to share their top tips for couples who are about to book a wedding photographer. 


Technical ability

“Make sure your photographer is technical enough to create stunning images no matter what the weather. For instance, if it’s raining it is still possible to get some atmospheric window light shots that will showcase that dress for you. Instead of always trying to fix the dress and veil when its windy, let it move with the wind, and go with the flow instead!  The natural photos are often the best!” Roslyn Byrne, Couple Photography 

Meet and greet

“Meet with your photographer to see that you are happy with their work, but also that you will get on with them as well. You will probably spend more time with them on the most important day of your - so you need to choose someone that you actually want to share in your day.” Dr. Tanya Colclough, Eden Photography 

The price isn’t right

“Don't base your enquiries on price alone. There can be huge variation on what you are actually getting for your money in terms of quality of the finished product. See if a photographer you really like can tailor a package to suit your budget and requirements. There may be more leeway with weekday weddings and out of season bookings. Some cheaper photography packages may not include any editing of the images, while a reputable established photographer will always present the couple with a beautifully edited selection” Suzanne Fahey, Circus Photography


Tax and back up!

“Ask if your photographer is VAT registered - only the busy professionals are VAT registered as this means they are full time and not a hobby photographer. Also check if they promise full refunds or a back up photographer in the event they don’t show up. This is very important because not everybody does.” Mark Fennell, Photography & Film.

Ask about insurance

“Make sure the photographer is insured, and has at least two pro cameras on the day. Also, sign a contract that binds that particular photographer to shoot your wedding on the day. The last thing you want is their assistant showing up on the day because the photographer double booked!  I would recommend hiring a photographer with at least five years experience as a full-time wedding photographer.”  Phil Voon,
 Give us a Goo Photography.

Get the book

“The trend of having disc only is already on the way out, but it has left a generation of married couples with no wedding photographs because they’re lost on some hard drive. Coffee table Storybook albums are now back with some new and very beautiful options. I recommend heavy pages, as lightweight paper gets full of kinks from people turning the pages. The covers also come in various qualities and your final selection can affect the price.”  Dominic Lee, Priory Studios.

Spot the difference

“All good photographers will have something that sets them apart - it could be how they frame the shot in camera, or maybe they prefer natural light over flash. The picture itself is the most important thing, but a lot of work goes into the editing stage. You might like the pictures but you mightn't like how they edit them! Ask to see plenty of previous work and make sure you like the look of the final product.” Andrew O'Dwyer Photography.

Someone you can trust

"Wedding days are well planned events but its always good to be spontaneous, so you should be able to put your trust in your photographer. If they suddenly ask you to stop for a photo along the way to your venue, it will be worth it." Roslyn Byrne, Couple Photography 


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