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From Málaga to Mykonos - 5 Ways to have a Mediterranean Wedding Menu

On a day that's as special as the one you get married on, the last thing you want is dull looking food. The menu should be as bright and vibrant and inviting as the new life you're starting with your soon-to-be husband. 

That's where Mediterranean food comes in. 

Food from the Mediterranean focuses on fresh and seasonal ingredients, which means that you get a riot of color on the plate. It also features starters or small bites like meze, tapas and antipasto, which helps to rev up appetites without distracting from the main meal – or the cake. 

Here are five tips to have a reception Mediterranean-style. 

Serve Meze, Tapas and Antipasto 

Meze, tapas and antipasto are a similar concept. Meze focuses on Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients, tapas on Spanish ingredients, while antipasto on Italian ingredients. At their heart, all of the small bites work from the same building blocks: olive oil, garlic, cheese, olives (all varieties), vegetables, seafood and meats. Think zucchini blossoms stuffed with creamy goat cheese, anchovies with red peppers or ham and sausage on bread, and they all go perfectly with wine.  

Dips and spreads

Although technically part of the small bite part of the menu, Mediterranean dips don't adhere to the same basics. Normally they are vegetable and bean heavy, and sometimes meat or cheese are included. Baba Ghanoush is one of the most popular dips, and it's a classic. Made from eggplant, tahini and garlic, it's perfect for a wedding reception (just warn the caterer to go easy on the garlic.) Another beautiful addition to a table is Mast-o Khiar. Made from yogurt and cucumber it can be dressed up with golden raisins and rose petals. What could be more fitting for a wedding reception? 


For quite a while beef fell out of fashion, but not when it comes to eating in the Mediterranean. Surprise guests with a choice of cured beef, beef tenderloin, braised beef or beef moussaka. It will be just like the 90s never happened! 



Paella for all your friends

You could serve paella for a main dish. It looks stunning, is a little spicy, and who can resist eating ‘family style’ around a paella plate? Best of all, you can please meat and seafood eaters along with vegetarians by offering a meatless version or one loaded with shrimp, chicken and sausage. Everybody’s happy!  

Why Just a Cake? Indulge in desserts filled with rice, fruit and yogurt too!

When it's time for the cake to be served, don't think your Mediterranean theme will stop there. In the Mediterranean cake is fine, but it's not the ultimate dessert. Honey drizzled on yogurt with walnuts and pomegranate seeds will leave guests craving a second bowl. Don't forget rice pudding with pistachios and rose water - your guests won’t once they’ve tried it! 



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