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Frugal Flowers: Save Money on your Wedding Bouquet

Traditional weddings wouldn't seem right without flowers. Although some brides do opt for a flower-free wedding, the majority of brides still want to carry a bouquet when they walk down the aisle. But brides often forget to budget for flowers and once they do some research it's soon clear that flowers don't come cheap.

Flowers are one area where there is the potential to save money. While the average budget for flowers is now reaching the $2,000 mark, you can have beautiful bouquets and arrangements for a fraction of the cost.

You might be able to cut corners on your centerpieces or bridesmaids' bouquets so you can splash out on that bouquet you want to carry on your wedding day.

Check out these ideas on how you can save money on your bouquet and your other floral decorations.

Choose flowers in season

You can save money on your bouquet by being clever with your flower choices. Choose flowers that are in season and easily sourced so you can cut down the cost. Speak to your florist about what flowers are in season when you are having your ceremony. You can also save money by using flowers that are sourced locally, so you won't only save money, you will be helping the environment too!

Go for supersize flowers

The bigger the blooms the fewer flowers you need. Rather than having a mixture of small flowers, having bigger buds means you will need fewer stems, so you save money! Think flowers like sunflowers, large gebera, peonies and oriental lilies. You can do the same with your centerpieces and have a few large flowers that will fill the space for a lot less money.

Get crafty with friends

If you are thinking about saving money by making your own floral arrangements and bouquets you need to work out if you will actually save money. If you are having a small wedding of less than 50 people and two bridesmaids then it is a viable option. If you're wedding guests number close to 100 or more you might not have the time to create enough arrangements. Things you will need to consider are purchasing the flowers, how you will store them, arrangements, transporting them to the venue, setting them up once they get there and cleaning up after the event.

If you have friends who are volunteering to help out then they could provide their skills in this area. If you have a friend who is a florist then they can take the lead, otherwise keep your flower arrangements simple so people can easily assemble them. Try some crafty looks which are cute but inexpensive to create.

If you are having an indie or vintage style wedding you, or a friend who loves craft projects, could do something quirky for your bouquet and centerpieces. We love these flowers in teacups which is a totally budget friendly idea. You can even pick the cups to match your wedding colors. For extra quirkiness why not try mismatching china.

Keep it simple

You can save money by keeping your choice of flowers simple. Using a single type of flower for all the bouquets, centerpieces and decorations will help you reduce your costs. The downside is you will have less colors, but you will have an elegant floral theme throughout your day. You can even use single flowers in vases for an elegant but simple table decoration.

Use silk flowers

Consider having bouquets and centerpieces made from silk flowers. This will mean you can have the arrangements in advance of your wedding day which will save you time, money and stress. Silk wedding flowers are lightweight and easy to handle and transport. They don't need watering like real flowers and are a lot more durable. They can even be scented so they smell like the real thing! Bear in mind that you still have to shop within your budget because the cost of silk flowers can vary. You can always mix it up and have real flowers for your bouquet and silk flowers on the tables.

Reuse your blooms

If you have flowers in the room or church where you have your wedding ceremony, get someone to bring them to the reception and use them as centerpieces. You can also put a vase on the head table for your bouquet, so it's not only safe while you eat dinner, it saves you money by acting as a centerpiece on the table. You can save even more money by using your bridesmaids' bouquets to decorate the gift table, guestbook table, cake table or bar.

Do you have some money saving advice you want to share? Post your tip in the comment box below.


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