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Get your hair in tip-top condition

As if the run-up to your wedding isn't stressful enough, with ordering stationery, deciding on a venue, ironing out the details and compromising with your future Mr, you're also expected to be primping and preening yourself to perfection in anticipation of your seriously photo-heavy day. Who has the time?!

We're working on a wedding countdown calendar - y'know, telling you exactly when to go for your fat-loss wraps and do your juice fasts* - but in the meantime, we've compiled a list of seriously easy tips and tricks that will have your hair in optimum condition for your close-up. 

  1. Stop dyeing it. This is a bit of a doozie - we all know chemicals are not good for your hair shaft! If you can take a couple of months off your coloring routine before your wedding (try a temporary vegetable dye if you feel you absolutely need something), your hair will reward you with high shine and less breakage!
  2. Rethink your products. If you're big into mousse (c'mon, volume is always good!) and hairspray, think about easing off on them or switching to more organic, plant-based products. A lot of alcohol-based products can dehydrate the hair shaft, leading to - you guessed it - breakage. Think split ends and flyaways.
  3. Take prenatal vitamins. Along with folic acid and iron (essentials for creating healthy little babies), most prenatal vitamins contain biotin, a type of B vitamin that is often used to treat brittle nails that has been credited with promoting hair growth. Just make sure you either explain exactly what you are doing to your groom-to-be, or hide your vitamins super carefully, lest he thinks you're getting super-prepared for the honeymoon period!
  4. Eat clean. We know, we know - clean eating has become, along with kale, the seriously boring healthy lifestyle choice. But they're healthy choices for a reason; it's been proven that ridding your body of nasty toxins and unnecessary things like processed carbs and refined sugars can seriously transform how you look and feel. Specifics? Oily fish, eggs and nuts (walnuts, cashews and pecans - not, sadly, the honey roasted kind) are all great choices for nourishing your locks.
  5. Ditch the straighteners. We won't be in the running for any prizes related to groundbreaking suggestions, but this is the most important thing you can do if you want your hair to look its best. The heat from your straighteners, curling irons, tongs and even your regular blowdryer all weaken the hair shaft and leave it more prone to damage. Give it a rest for 12 weeks and see a huge difference. (If you have hair that just doesn't withstand a night's sleep intact, try a top knot and sleeping on an organic cotton pillowcase.)


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