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Give thanks! 5 great thank-you cards

Your wedding is a distant memory, your honeymoon is a book full of photographs (and a body full of food and wine!) - but it's not over yet. You still have those pesky thank-you cards to write, address and post to all of the lovely people who came to enjoy your wedding day with you. If you were really organized and thought way ahead, you may have included your thank-you cards in your wedding stationery. For the rest of you, you'll need to invest in a load of cards to send to your guests to thank them not only for their presence but for the oodles of gifts you're bound to have received. 

First up? For a personalized touch, Ana Gonzalez's designs for allow you to inject a little bit of your personality - and a memory of your day - into your thank-you cards. They're not super-cheap, at $76 for 25 cards, but they could be a great option for a couple that had a very intimate ceremony and want to share another memory with the people nearest and dearest to them. (Or, y'know, for the couple that had the big ceremony and even bigger budget!)

On the polar opposite end of the price scale, Hortense B. Hewitt's Mr & Mrs thank-you cards are a total bargain, at $9.69 for 50 cards. They may not be personalized but they are cute and straightforward, and seeing as all you're saying is "thanks for coming, and boy, we love that toaster!" they may suit your needs. Perfect if you had a large guestlist.

Mara-Mi's thank-you notecards sit somewhere in the middle. Eight cards will set you back $13. Now, we're no maths whizzes but those eight dollars are gonna rack up pretty quickly - so these may only be an option, again, for a small guestlist (or an unlimited budget!). They are very cute, though.

These bunting cards are another super-cute option - and perfect for that vintage fête wedding! From Etsy, they're $6.60 for six cards - again, a seemingly low price that could quickly rack up. The French is a nice touch, too, and sets them out from most other thank-you cards!

So this Papyrus thank-you card, at $8.95, won't be for everyone - and we mean both of those things very literally. This single card is almost nine dollars, and you will not be sending one to each of your guests. But Papyrus produce some of the most beautiful and luxurious cards we've ever seen, so it may be worth investing in a few to thank your 'maids, your mother, the groom's mother and anyone who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping organize your dream day. They'll appreciate it almost as much as you appreciated them!


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