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High contrast - mismatched grooms and groomsmen

Time was, your groom's party was expected to be dressed in matching suits, like a group of uniformed guards or quintuplets (or octuplets!). Now, just as bridesmaids can be dressed in a wide variety of styles and colors, so too can groomsmen be given a certain level of sartorial freedom. (Check out Austin's mismatched groom's party in our recent real wedding from Nashville!)

A small first step would be to have your groom in one color, while the groom's party goes for another. This can work really well if you go for tonal shades: perhaps the groom wears cobalt blue, while the others wear navy; maybe he's in slate gray, with light silver-suited groomsmen. 

Another great option is to have your groom in a three-piece suit, while the groomsmen are in shirts, ties and waistcoats. They might all be the same color and fabric, but the effect is of variation - and it ensures that your groom stands out. This is, after all, his day too!

If you want to go the whole hog - and your groom trusts the fashion choices of his groomsmen - they can always be given free rein over their outfits. But we would strongly advise giving  a little guidance (perhaps in the form of a theme or color palette) or, better yet, sending your groom along with them to make the final decision. You don't want to turn up on the day and have half of the groom's party dressed like they're going to the office on casual Friday while the other half is in morning dress!

While classic, well fitted and matching suits will always be in style (like Breton stripes, Mia Farrow and feeling smug about recycling), we do love the idea of trying something a little different and allowing your groomsmen a little room to breathe and to let their personalities shine. Who knows? Maybe by giving this space to be creative, you lessen any chance of an embarrassing, grand-standing best man's speech! (Here's hoping...)


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