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How I Met My Future Husband

Everyone loves a meet cute, and when two people who are destined to be together meet for the first time, it’s always magical - even if they don’t realize it at the time.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight, meeting at a bar, on a blind date, or modern dating means that love can be found with just a click of the mouse. Whatever way they met, all couples face the question ‘Where did you meet?’ So Dreamwedding decided to find out some of your stories.

The Dreamwedding study into how couples met had some surprising results. In 20 years half of all couples are expected to meet online, but we found that the Internet has already become the most popular place for couples to get acquainted , with 22 percent of you meeting your soulmate online - including social media websites and a variety of online dating sites.

Krystle met her fiancé online:
“His first message was 'I like brownies.' We spoke online for two weeks, then on the phone for two weeks, before we met in person in 2011.”

Looking for someone special? Then look close to home for love. Plenty of people are finding love next door with their neighbors, and we found that 16 percent of couples met at school. Who says school is all about good grades?

Amanda met her future husband when she was in school: 
“We met in high school nine years ago! We will be getting married on our 10-year anniversary of being together.”

Taleshia met her soul mate in school and will marry him next year:
“We met in the 6th grade, we were in the same class and we sat across from each. We dated for a short while after high school and rekindled our love and relationship 10 years later. We have been together 10 years and will marry next year!”


The workplace is another regular place for Cupid to draw back his bow. While working away earning that dough, 12 per cent of people were also meeting the love of their life. Lots of our favorite celebrities met through their work. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on ‘That '70s Show’ and Hugh Jackman met his wife Deborra-Lee Furness on the series ‘Corelli.’

Amy met her partner thanks to her unusual line of work:
“We both drive fuel trucks. I drive home delivery and he drives transport truck, when he would be coming into work I was leaving, so when coming though the parking lot I would blow him kisses.”

Bars and clubs are still places to try out chat-up lines as couples are still meeting on a night out. In punk bars, on margarita nights and karaoke bars, love is in the air in the most surprising of places. Even the staff are hooking up, with couples meeting when they’re working behind the bars, serving customers or as door staff. Would you like a shot of love with your drink?

Grocery stores are considered by some to be a good place to meet your soul mate, the reality is that only one per cent of those in the Dreamwedding study met while they were shopping for food. 

Interestingly, blind dates are less popular than they once were, with only nine people meeting on a date arranged by friends or family.  But there is still hope - 12 per cent of couples met through friends or family members, so if you want to set up two friends you’re better off arranging a casual meeting rather than an all-out date!

Finally, one story really stood out to us and we asked if we could share a little more detail...

Sierra Shinn met her fiancé Tommy Hartman in 2011:

“Tom and I met in a homeless shelter. We were both homeless and living on the streets at the time and had nothing to our name. I later found out that that day I came into the shelter life had him down and he wanted to take his own life  - then he saw me. 

One night he tried to walk off so a truck could hit him, and gut instinct told me to not let him out of my sight, so I didn’t. To this day he still calls me his saving angel. 

Two and a half years later we own our home and vehicle, he has a job I am going to college to be a paralegal and my children have a man that loves them as his own.  Tom and I have been through a lot and we struggle every day.  But we have come from having literally nothing to having so much.”


Why not share your story with us in the comments box below.


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