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How to... Pack for your honeymoon in 3 easy steps

No matter where you go, your honeymoon is sure to be a once in a lifetime adventure. Packing well is key to having an easy, worry-free trip so plan in advance to make the most of every minute of your journey! 

We take the stress out of packing for your honeymoon in three simple steps!

Step One: Organize Your Phone

Never underestimate how valuable your phone’s camera is. Use it before and during your trip to take photos of important information. Take a snapshot of your passport number as well as airline and hotel confirmation numbers. It is also well worth a few minutes to make sure that you have all important phone numbers saved including your hotels and credit card numbers.  

Step Two: Remember the Essentials 

Keep your most valuable items in your carry-on bag. Stash your airline tickets, passport/ ID, credit cards, hotel reservation printouts, and camera in the front pocket of your bag or in a separate purse. If you can stuff all of your things into a large carry-on, it will definitely save you time and money. If you will check a bag, be sure to bring an extra change of clothes in your carry-on. You don’t need to go crazy overpacking your carry-on but do bring anything that you couldn’t live without if your bag did get lost for a day or two. 


Step Three: Pack a Week’s Worth 

Regardless of how long your honeymoon will be, just plan for a week’s worth of clothes. Of course, it will vary depending on your location but do plan for a range of weather and event types. Bring your favorite jeans and shorts along with a couple of basic t-shirts. It may be tempting to buy new clothes before you go but wear them at least once to make sure they are comfortable. This is particularly important when it comes to shoes. Bring a pair that you can walk in all day as well as a dressy pair for going out. A pair of comfortable neutral flats can go a long way in terms of adaptability. 

Check the low temperatures in your location before you leave. It’s good to have a jacket, particularly one with a hood in case you get caught in the rain. Even if it will be warm, bring a cardigan to deal with chilly air-conditioned spots. 

As always, a little black dress can be a lifesaver. There are tons of styles so find one that works for you. The key to keeping your style versatile is to bring adaptable pieces. Scarves and jewelry can completely change up your look and are easy to pack. As you are sorting through your wardrobe, look for pieces that can dress down or dress up an outfit. Your little black dress can be worn during the day with a casual cardigan or a denim jacket and be dressed up at night with a nice scarf. To complete your accessories, bring a foldable tote for shopping and an evening bag for going out. 

Packing for him:

It’s easy for guys to be ready for anything. Tell him to bring jeans, shorts, and slacks along with a few t-shirts and a button-up. Do bring a sport jacket if you think you’ll be going somewhere fancy but generally a button-up and slacks will do for most spots. Comfortable shoes are key but a nice pair of dress shoes are important to keep you ready for all occasions. 



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