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How to Plan a Honeymoon in Europe

Imagine yourself roaming around the narrow cobblestone streets of Prague, sipping on a coffee in Paris, dipping your toes into the Balearic Sea in Barcelona, or strolling through the ancient structures in Rome. After booking a multi-city honeymoon trip to Europe, you’ll undoubtedly feel overwhelmed with excitement for your upcoming trip with your new partner in life.

After the initial excitement diminishes, the stress of planning and logistics take over. However, we’ve put together a few key tips, which should help make the entire research, planning and booking process a whole lot easier. 

Traveling through Europe is hugely exciting, romantic and memorable. Implementing these few tips can help make your trip run a whole lot smoother, letting you get back to enjoying being on one of the most fascinating and beautiful continents on the planet.


Base Your Itinerary On Your Schedule

How many nights will you spend in Europe? Not days, nights. This will help you plan your entire itinerary, from how many places you can visit, to the amount of time you can spend in each place. Time is everything. When traveling from city to city, you lose a lot of time, meaning you’ve less time in each destination. Don’t forget to make allowances for travel fatigue and resting up after a long plane, train or car journey. Your future self will be very grateful when there’s time for resting included in the itinerary. 

Don’t Be Over Ambitious

We know it can be very tempting to try and see as much of this beautiful and fascinating continent as possible, especially if you’ve traveled from afar. However, don’t try and squeeze in a new city or country just for the sake of being able to say you’ve been there, or ticking it off an imaginary list. That’s not the ideal way to travel, and it certainly won’t allow you to have a relaxing honeymoon. Aim for exploring fewer destinations with more time and you’ll thoroughly enjoy each place a lot more. Besides, by skipping some ‘must-see’ places, you have the perfect excuse to come back to Europe for your one, five or 10-year wedding anniversary!

Check Your Travel Options

Europe is great for cheap travel, whether it’s by plane, train, bus or renting a car. Check out your options for inter-city travel before you arrive and book in advance to save lots of cash. Cheap airlines like Ryanair are famous for offering amazingly low fares across Europe, however the airports can often be very far out of the way. Train travel in Europe can also be quite budget friendly if you book in advance with a multi-journey ticket. It also allows you to see more of the gorgeous countryside while relaxing in comfortable and spacious cabins. Whatever way you prefer to travel, make sure to take some time to check and compare your options in advance.

Pack Light!

Yes, you’ve heard this tip a million times before, but it’s true. If your European itinerary includes 3 cities in 10 nights, then you really won’t need to bring that much. Visiting Europe in the summer means you’ll have pretty consistent weather around most of the continent, unless you’re traveling huge distances, which doesn’t make a lot of sense for a short vacation anyway. After you’ve packed for the first time, take everything out and start over, then repeat this two or three more times, removing as much as you can each time. You’ll feel grateful to have a light suitcase when changing cities every few days. 



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