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Lessons from Kim and Kanye - how to word your wedding invitations

Did you know... that, even after you've picked out your wedding invitations, your wording is kind of a big deal? If you've got started in your planning process you'll probably have encountered a few hiccups - whose names go where? Do you have to include your parents? Both sets of parents?

We decided to get forensic on wedding invitation etiquette using Kim and Kanye as an example (just like back in grade school!) - we are pretty excited at Dreamwedding HQ about the power couple's upcoming nuptials. May 24th is in the diary!

  • The first thing you'll notice? Ain't nobody's parents getting listed here - making it pretty clear that Kim and Kanye are paying for their own Paris celebration. As a general rule, the people paying for the wedding get top billing. So, if your parents are paying, your invitation should start with: "John and Jane Doe request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Jane Alexandra to Jim Smith..." How about if Jim's parents are forking out for the bash? Well, start with them: "John and Jane Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their son Jim Jack to Jane Alexandra Doe..."

  • Kim and Kanye, on the other hand, are obviously footing their own bill, in which case they've got the wording just right: they're paying, so they're doing the inviting. If you're paying for your wedding but you'd like to honor your parents on your invitations, you can always add them on subtly: "Jane Doe Jr and Jim Smith, with their families, request the pleasure of your company..." [Point to note! Line breaks act as punctuation, so you can omit commas, dashes and so on if you are breaking your invitations up with lines - like K&K.]

  • Notice the lack of digits on the Kardashian-West invitation? That's because tradition dictates that you spell out dates and times - so, "on Friday, the twentieth of June, two thousand and fourteen at four o'clock in the evening". PM and AM are no-nos: go for "in the evening" or "in the morning" instead. 
  • Other details? Of course an RSVP card is de rigueur (if you're giving a plus one, try to find out the name of your extra guest and print it on the card) - although many couples opt for RSVP emails, like K&K. Married couples' names go on one line on the envelope, if at all possible; unmarried couples, over two. It may seem handy to include registry details in your invitation, but it's considered rude (as if you're requesting gifts) but you can ask for details such as menu preferences (allergies / vegetarian?), either on your RSVP card or on an optional extra slip of paper to include with your guests' RSVPs.

So that just about covers your invitation wording - and no, we won't address your envelopes for you. Good luck!


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