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10 Ways to Include your Mother-in-Law in your Wedding Day

 Once the wedding day arrives, all eyes are usually on the bride and her family. The mother of the bride has to help to get her daughter ready while the father of the bride has to prepare himself to walk his daughter up the aisle. In comparison, the groom's family often have little or no responsibility on the big day and this can often leave them feeling left out, in particular, the mother in law. While you may not be nearly as close to your mother in law as you are to your own mother, there are lots of ways to include her in your big day so that she feels part of the event.

To help you out, here are 10 of our favorite!

Organize a brunch

Once you and your fiancé have announced your engagement, why not organize a brunch for the two of you and your mothers?  Not only is this a great opportunity for the four of you to bond, but it will also help to kick-start the wedding planning.

Ask for her advice

Don't be afraid to ask your mother in law for her advice when it comes to your wedding planning! After all, her child is getting married too and she might suggest an idea that you haven't thought of! It doesn't have to be a major decision but something as simple as asking for her opinion on the color of your flowers will keep her feeling involved!

Ask her to help with the guest list

Remembering which two guests should not be seated next to each other is easy when you're organizing the guest list for your side of the family, but what about the other side? Ask your mother in law to help out with the guest list to avoid any unnecessary dramas on your big day. 

Keep her updated

Sending regular email/text updates to your mother in law will help to keep her in the loop during the planning process. While there's no need to update her on every little decision that you make, sending her a photo of a particular dress or venue that you like will make her feel included.

Wedding traditions

Ask your mother in law  if there's any family traditions or elements of your fiancé's heritage that she'd like to incorporate into your wedding day. You never know what great ideas she'll give you and your fiancé will love you even more for asking her!

Invite her to some appointments

While you may not want her to become too involved in your wedding planning, you can still invite your mother in law to tag along to some of your wedding appointments. A good idea is to invite her to a dress or cake appointment where your favorites have already been narrowed down- that way she can still feel appreciated without having too much influence over your decision making!


Be her style consultant

Sometimes mother in laws can be left fretting about what to wear for the big day. Why not help your mother in law out by suggesting a color or style of dress that you think will look good on her. You could even go outfit shopping with her to make sure that she buys something that's to your liking!

Let her organize the dress rehearsal

Traditionally, the dress rehearsal dinner is organized by the groom’s family which is a great way for your mother in law to get involved in the wedding planning. Why not help her out by suggesting your favourite foods or layouts that you’d like to be included. You could even discuss adding a fun element to the dinner like a slideshow of old photos or even a silly video! 

Mother-son dance

The mother and son dance is just as important as the father-daughter dance and is also a great way for the groom to honor his mother on his wedding day. Why not host a dinner and invite your mother in law over to discuss song choices. There are no rules when it comes to choosing songs for dances, so you're bound to find something to keep her happy whether she's a fan of Tom Jones or Beyoncé!

Let her make a toast

If your mother in law is charismatic and loves to chat, why not include her in your wedding reception by allowing her to make a toast! This will give her the chance to express how happy she is for her son, while also making her feel important!




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