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No Wheat - No Problem! Catering for Gluten Free Weddings

When it comes to catering, there are a million small details to pay attention to, and for people who love to cook and serve people food that's one of the joys of the job. 

Whether it's as a paying gig for a local art gallery or gratis for some friends who have decided to elope next week, catering is incredibly fun (but you'll sleep like a baby after it's finished!) However, whether it's because of the rise in wheat allergies or just for personal reasons, more and more people are going gluten-free. 

Which can make catering a wedding a little more challenging. 

But have no fear - there are products on the market like gluten-free all-purpose flour blends which can substitute for the real thing very well. Both King Arthur Flour and Bob's Red Mill have gluten-free flour, and many other companies will hit the market with their mixes soon. Which is great news for couples because it means that a wedding cake is still on the menu!

However, don't look at a gluten-free event as a reason to completely rely on new products. Instead look to the produce aisle. With such a good selection of vegetables and meats, it's much easier to back away from grains. 

When it comes to big meals for a wedding reception, it's fun to substitute beautiful vegetables in place of foods like pasta. For instance, lasagna doesn't have to be made with pasta – thinly sliced zucchini doubles for the wide noodles perfectly. And loads of vegetables, cheese and meat make a stunning presentation, with the added benefit of making the meal gluten-free.

However, there's one secret to make that crowd-pleasing dish - make sure to grate the cheese yourself. When cheeses are pre-grated, they contain additives to keep the pieces from sticking together, and when preservatives are added, the chances of cross-contamination with gluten heavily increases. The same thing happens with cheeses that are purchased in bulk by a grocery store, and then cut down and packaged there. Quite often the cheeses will be cut where sandwiches are made, and there can be cross contamination with bread. So to err on the side of caution, try to buy original blocks of cheese that were packaged at the cheese manufacturing plant.

Going gluten-free, even for the most festive occasions isn't difficult, in fact it can even make the meal even more festive, gorgeous and memorable! 



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