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Oh So Sweet! Candy Cute Wedding Inspiration

We love candy! We’re not even going to try to deny that we have a secret emergency stash for those times when we need a sugar rush. We love it so much it got us thinking about candy and weddings and what a great source of inspiration it is!

There are so many ideas you can take from candy land – the bright colors of lollipops and gumballs, or the pastel tones of marshmallows. There’s cotton candy, cupcakes, hard candy, jellybeans and rainbow swirl lollipops that are all delicious sources of inspiration. 

Candy themed weddings aren’t a new idea, but they’re still as popular as ever. You can start off with small details like candy invitations, candy buffets or favors on the table. Or you can go all out and turn your whole wedding into a glorious Technicolor candy celebration!

Candy colored bridesmaid dresses are easy to get your hands on, and you can go to your everyday stores to see what’s on offer. As a bride you can go for a colored wedding dress, while the groom can go for a color other than the usual black. 

There are lots of candy buffets available for weddings, candy centerpieces, table decorations and candy themed favors that you could incorporate into your wedding.  You can stock up at the candy store and scatter treats on tables, or serve candy cocktails, have a cake decorated with candy, and you could always have lots of gumball machines. 

Of course your music can be candy inspired with songs like ‘I want candy’ by The Strangeloves, ‘Candy’ by Cameo, ‘My Boy Lollipop’ by Millie Small and ‘Lollipop’ by The Chordettes. There are so many songs to choose from, but they’ll all get everyone up and dancing. 

Check out more candy cute ideas on our Pinterest board! 


Clockwise from bottom right: Invites by Jen | Audra Wrisley | Oh My Owls | Nibble & Scoff Cakes | InWeddingDress | The Sweet Treat Company | TALL + small Photography | EllenWDesign | Beaubuttons







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