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On the Register: Wedding Gift Registry Made Easy

With all the planning you have to do for your wedding, your gift registry might seem like a nice afterthought, but listen up - it's important! It’s more than just a social custom and your family will be excited to be able to make a contribution to your married life. 

To make things easy for you and your guests, follow these few simple steps for gift registration.

Talk It Through

It’s important to get your gift registry set up as soon as possible. The gift registry should be put together at the same time as your wedding invitations. Think about stores that you both like and things that you will actually use. It is easier for guests if you choose a store that has brick-and-mortar locations (but don’t feel you have to). If you just can’t decide on a local store, go for an online registration. While it’s important to give it some thought, timing is important here.

Be Realistic

There was a time when couples filled their registries with things they needed for their new home. If you have been living together for a while, you might not need any of these things. With so many couples marrying later in life, you might already have too much stuff when you combine households. Think about what you really need and will actually use. Don’t get a blender if you never cook. Look for practical items and little luxuries that you might never get around to buying for yourself.

Get Ready to Compromise


Everything on your gift registry should be for both of you so you really do need to come to an agreement on each item. If one of you loves to cook, let that person decide on kitchen items. It’s perfectly fine to get items that one of you will use more than the other as long as there is a balance.

Use Your Creativity

Don’t feel limited to homegoods! If you share a hobby, ask for things related to it. Consider getting some new camping equipment or a set of tennis rackets or anything that you both might use. If you love to travel, ask for some new luggage. If you’re homebodies, get some comfy couch pillows or even some books. This is the time to really take stock of what you have and consider what you might need in the upcoming years. Your registry is a reflection of you as a couple so go with what you love, not what you think should be on the registry.

Know Your Guests 

You will likely have a wide range of people attending your wedding so try to come up with a registry that will work for all of them. It’s ideal to have things that can be purchased online and some that can be bought in person. If you go for an online only store and have a lot of older guests who aren’t internet savvy, consider creating a smaller registry at another shop. It’s also very important to have a range of prices. Obviously your immediate family members will want to spend a bit more than you’re more casual acquaintances so register gifts with a wide range of prices. 

Keep At It 

As well as creating a wide ranging gift registry, it is also important to keep updating it. It’s hard to predict who is going to buy which gift and what price range they will be buying from. Check in on your registry regularly to make sure that there are gifts in all price ranges so that you don’t create a gift-giving predicament for any of your guests. 


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