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Romantic and rustic: Essential items for a country wedding

Lots of brides want glitz, glamour, and sophistication - but a Sex and the City type affair doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some brides crave a lovely yet uncomplicated event, and a country wedding can be just that. While lots of things can add a country twist to a wedding, there are a few essentials you should keep in mind if you want your special day to be country to the core.  

Location, location, location

Hands down the best place to have a country wedding is in the actual countryside. If you or someone you know owns a ranch, farm, or just some picturesque acreage, why not have a lovely outdoor ceremony? If you’d rather opt for indoors (and not have to worry about uncooperative weather and pesky insects), small town chapels or churches are ideal for simple ceremonies, while dance halls and barns are perfect for larger celebrations.  

Mother Nature must make an appearance

Lots of pretty things grow wild in the country and you should incorporate some of them into your wedding. Even if you don’t have your nuptials outside, you can still surround yourself with natural beauty. Use wildflowers in all your floral arrangements (and keep a few for your hair).  Drop beautiful leaves down the aisle instead of rose petals, or why not get married beneath an arch of woven branches and vines. 

Down-home décor

If it doesn’t look like you made it, found it in a junk store, or got it from a family member you might not want it at your country wedding. Sure, you can buy beautiful glass candle holders and rent gossamer tablecloths, but those just can’t compare to jelly jars and grandma’s tatted lace. The coolness of shiny metal will never trump the warmth of distressed wood, and the scent of well-loved relics will always be sweeter than that of freshly manufactured plastic.    

Have a raucous reception to remember

No matter how simple, peaceful, or charming you’ve opted to make your country ceremony, your country reception needs to be a joyous party filled with friends and family. You’ve made your solemn vows, and now it’s time to celebrate! Fill your guests up with some home cooking favorites (one of which must be fried) and tasty brews, then set them loose on the dance floor. Hire either a DJ who spins country tunes or a full-on country band, complete with fiddle player. Don’t forget to request lots of lively line dancing tunes!   



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