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Rule-Breaker! 10 Big No-Nos Every Bride Should Say a Big Yes to!

By now you have read our guide to bridal etiquette, with a list of potential no-nos. Now we've compiled a list of bridal no-nos that we think you should 100% absolutely say yes to! Go on..break a few rules!

1 Don't see the groom before the wedding

Some of our favorite wedding photography features a "first look", that special moment shared by a bride and a groom before the wedding ceremony. It's such a sweet moment when the couple get their first glimpse at one another on the day they commit their lives forever!

2 Don't consider a dress that isn't white, cream or ivory

So this is a bit of a doozy at this stage - y'all should know that we love a non-white wedding dress! The old rules that say that gowns should be white (or cream, or ivory) can be totally and utterly abandoned at this stage. We are free, modern thinkers and we will wear whatever color we like, thank you very much.

3 Don't fall for the first dress you see

Logic - and life experience - would say that forking over the cash for the first dress you try on is ill-advised. Shop around! Try a few styles! Experiment! But time and again we hear from brides who just fall head over heels for the first gown they try on. And y'know what? Sometimes if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. You'll know if it's The One, whether it's the first you try on, or the 50th!

4 Don't forget to clean and store your gown

One of Dreamwedding's staffers tells a story of how she and her sister dyed their mother's wedding dress black, to wear as a witch's costume for Hallowe'en - and while we don't exactly recommend doing the same, we do enjoy the occasional trash the dress photo shoot (especially when there's a zombie theme). We know, we know - it's totally wasteful, but arguably no more wasteful than keeping your gown in storage, hoping your daughter will one day appreciate it as much as you did.

5 Don't DREAM of doing your own makeup

So we all know that a good makeup artist can make a whole world of difference, but sometimes a gal just knows what she likes - and what she doesn't. There are some of us who simply don't feel comfortable handing the control over to someone else, no matter how well-versed they are in the art of face-painting - and after all, it worked for Kate Middleton (despite a handful of dissenting voices).

6 Don't forget to assign sides for the ceremony

Tradition would have it that the groom's family and friends sit on one side of the aisle for your ceremony, while the bride's family sits on the other - but modern couples often share large groups of friends, and after longer "courtships" (we love that word!), his family can feel like yours (and vice versa!). We say, forget tradition and mingle now as you will from now on - after all, you're all each other's family now!

7 Don't neglect your seating plan

Who will sit where? How will you keep your parents' elderly relatives happy? What if your friend from grad school doesn't mesh well with your pals from the running club? Honestly - who cares? Your guests will be thrilled to witness your wedding ceremony and to be a part of your big day, and they'll sit where they land. Once the food and drink get flowing, they won't care who they're sitting next to and, chances are, your friends and family will love each other as much as you love them.

8 Don't drink on your wedding day

Ooh, controversial, right? Now, don't get us wrong: we're not suggesting you hide away under the stairs with a bottle of Jack Daniels until you can't remember your own name, but the occasional glass of bubbles on this - the big day you've been waiting for - won't do any harm. Make sure you have someone to keep an eye on your quantities (your maid of honor, until your hubbie takes over) and drink at least one glass of water for each unit of alcohol.

Don't stay with your husband-to-be the night before

There is something romantic about waking up apart, remaining separate until the moment you join together in front of your nearest and dearest - but equally, there's something lovely about waking up together, excited to face the day you embark upon this new journey together! Like so many things, this is 100% up to you guys as a couple; only you know what's best for you. Try to drown out the noise (advice will be coming thick and fast!) and do what feels right.

10 Don't eat a big breakfast

You've spent weeks getting your body to the pinnacle of perfection - now it's the morning of the wedding and you're afraid that an extra croissant will either have you busting out of your dress or feeling nauseous on your way up the aisle. Forget your concerns: a few extra calories now won't make any difference, and you're better off feeling a little full than feeling a little faint when push comes to shove! Have some carbs (a Danish pastry, cereal or toast) and some fruit to add a bit of sugar to your system



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