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Simple, thoughtful gift ideas for your groom

On your wedding day, you give your groom the greatest gift imaginable – yourself! It's tradition, though, for engaged couples to give one another gifts just before their nuptials. Not only will this gift make for great photos as your groom gets ready for your wedding, it also gives you each a moment to reflect on one another. The key is to pick something that your groom will treasure for a lifetime, not something that he'll enjoy for five minutes and then forget about.

Love letter

If you're short on cash and your betrothed is the sentimental type, you can't beat the classic love letter. Pour your heart out in your prettiest prose, with elegant handwriting on high-quality paper. If a love letter seems a bit too cliched for you, take it one step further. Give your beloved a list of reasons you're marrying him or things you love about him. This works best if you jot down notes over several months rather than trying to create your list at the last moment. 

Photos and albums

Particularly if your groom has his own office, you can't beat a gorgeous photo of the two of you. Try framing one of your engagement photos in an elegant frame or putting several images into a collage. If that's  not your style, why not have a custom album made with all your very best photos? If you want to get a bit more risqué, a boudoir photo shoot can be a pleasant surprise that reminds your groom of what's to come on your wedding night. 

Daily necessities

The necessities of life aren't romantic, but they can quickly become so when they're wedding gifts. If your betrothed desperately needs a basic item, use your wedding as a chance to get it – and make sure it's nice. Business cards, a gorgeous briefcase, a stellar fishing rod, a new set of golf clubs, a new suit, or a framed copy of his degree can all make life easier and better for your husband. These gifts also give him a reason to think about you when you return from your honeymoon and he goes back to daily life. 

Long-lasting keepsakes

Your wedding day is the perfect time to invest in keepsake items that will last a lifetime. Don't get home decorations or other items that are virtually useless. Instead, focus on items that your groom needs and that can class up his life – a designer watch, elegant cufflinks, or monogrammed items all work well. 

The most important thing to remember is that every groom is different. Don't just buy something from a list; carefully evaluate what your honey loves and loathes, then choose something that matches his unique personality. A good gift is all about what the gift recipient will like best, so you can't go wrong if your thoughts wander to what your soon-to-be husband will embrace and be excited by.


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