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Stressed? Take a Load Off With Our Stress-Busting Tips!

Wedding planning can - and should - be fun. Seriously! Taking the time to plan your wedding day, which should be one of the happiest of your life, with help from your nearest and dearest (and, of course, the love of your life) can be a really rewarding and exciting time. That being said, there is no one on this earth who would argue that wedding planning is not stressful, too! (Double negatives FTW!) 

It stands to reason that planning this once-in-a-lifetime, super-expensive, life-altering event is going to bring with it some moments of anxiety, panic and / or sheer terror that can't be brushed off with some deep breaths and a cup of chai! But you can deal with your stress effectively. Starting with...

Write a list

So far, so predictable, right? But a therapist once told us that writing lists is one of the best things you can do if - and here's the rub - if you actually tick off what you write down. So write down a list of, say, the five things you need to get done right now. When they're done, cross them off and move on. Do not write a list of 40 things, 10 of which you have no intention of doing until next fall (examples: "Bring winter coat to the cleaners"). Keep your list short and attainable, and stick to the to-dos you really need to get done now, using your list as a way to keep things clear!

Take a break

Sometimes this really does not seem like a possibility. You have 10,000 things to do! The caterers are expecting a callback! You have to select the paper for your wedding stationery right now or it won't get to the printer's on time! We're not suggesting you go on a week-long vaycay to a forgotten island with no internet or cell service (although gosh, does that sound nice!) - but what we are saying is that taking a little sojourn from the wedding stress might be just what the doctor ordered. Put your cell away, turn off the TV and radio and go for a 10-minute walk; make a cup of tea and read that copy of Vogue you'd been ignoring; take 10 minutes to do a quick mindfulness meditation (this app is a godsend).

Feel the burn

We all know exercise releases endorphins, right? They're chemicals that are proven to make you feel happier and reduce stress. Another proven fact is that no one in the world has ever regretted getting outside, working up a sweat and breathing in some fresh, clean air*.

Do something else

This is another "say whaaaaaa?" suggestion - but dedicating your mind to something that's not wedding-related for a half hour will seriously reduce your blood pressure and get you back on the straight and narrow of relaxation! It doesn't have to mean watching TV or doing something "aimless"; think about those things you didn't put on your to-do list. Maybe you have a meal to cook, you're overdue a trip to the dry cleaner's, you have a book you've been neglecting or a friend you keep meaning to call. Do it! (But if you do call a friend, put the wedding chat on hold; you won't feel better if you spend those 30 minutes telling your girlfriend how much you have to do!)

Treat yourself

Stress can take its toll not only on your mind, but on your body. Meditating, getting some exercise in and eating healthily (try a green veg smoothie or some fresh fruit) will all help get you back on form, but the climax of your wedding-planning trauma is also the perfect time to take yourself away and go for a full body massage, a relaxing mani-pedi or half-day spa experience. Switch off and close your eyes and try to let the stress wash over you like a wave (visual this - we promise it helps!).

* That may not be a fact.


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