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Going Underground: Weddings and Venues Below Ground

There are couples that want the traditional ceremony in a church or beautiful venue. Then there are other couples who decide to get hitched in more unusual places.

From the wings of a plane to the bottom of the sea, there isn’t really a limit to where you can get married.

One unusual place where couples are getting married, and that seriously has the ‘Wow’ factor, is under the ground. From old slate mines to limestone caverns, underground churches to public transport - there are places that offer couples the chance to get married with the earth above them.

Check out these venues where couples can take their love to new depths.

How deep is your love?

Happy couple Alan and Jane decided to make the trip to the Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Snowdonia, Wales.  The caverns are part of an old slate quarry that is now a tourist attraction where people can visit and learn about how slate was extracted. The wedding begun with an 800 meter ride through tunnels and caverns on the old miners tramway - but the maid of honor forgot the rings in the tram which descends into the caverns, so a member of staff ran back from the wedding ceremony to get them. The couple then exchanged vows in front of 60 members of their friends and family (and a TV crew), with the ceremony conducted in English and Welsh with the sound of a waterfall in the background. Once the service was over the couple posed for photos at a dramatic underground lake. What an amazing backdrop!


Take the wedding train.

Dozens of brides and grooms came together on a subway to tie the knot in 2010. The Shenyang Metro celebrated its test run by holding a mass wedding ceremony on one of their subway trains! A local newspaper put the word out that they were looking for couples that were keen to get married underground in exchange for a donation towards the costs of their weddings and reception. 50 couple took part in the ceremony, which took place in China’s Liaoning Province. This was definitely one crazy little train of love!


Cave of weddings 

The Osage Native American Indians first discovered the caves beneath Thunder Mountain in Missouri. There are legends that they then held wedding ceremonies in the cave in the early 1800s. Inspired by the legends the cave became a wedding venue, and since 1949 over 2,700 couples from around the world have been married or had a vow renewal in the Bridal Cave. Guests can then go on a tour along narrow concrete pathways through several cave rooms, looking at onyx and calcite formations and the blue depths of Mystery Lake. Not only a beautiful wedding venue, it’s a romantic one where you can look at the scrapbooks of weddings dating back 65 years!



Underground chapel of love

In the town of Coober Pedy in northern South Australia, harsh summer desert temperatures mean that many of the people who live there prefer to live in caves. Known as dugouts, these caves are dug into the hillsides and remain at a constant temperature inside, unlike the buildings above ground that need air conditioning in summer. The town has a Serbian Orthodox church and a Community Church and so lots of people get married underground. Some people even get married in the town's old opal mine!


Love in the ice

Not quite a wedding ceremony, but Torsten and Sarah Ernst, who met in Juneau, Alaska, in 2008, decided to have their official photographs taken inside one of the state's most breathtaking ice caves. Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile-long, 150-foot-deep frozen expanse. The couple had to hike for three hours, kayak to the face of the glacier and then climb it in an excursion that took about six hours. Seattle-based photographer Chris Beck who took the photos said he wanted to capture something symbolic of their relationship and where they met. Their photos are certainly one of a kind! 


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