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5 Country Line Dancing Songs That Will Get Everyone Dancing

Some people come to a wedding to support their loved ones, some come for the food, and some come for the DANCING! What better way to include everyone in the joyous tapping of feet and flailing of arms than throwing in a few line dances? Now, there are some that aren't country (like The Macarena or The Electric Slide), but most of the good ones are, and here are five of the best.

Fun for all ages

If you're looking for a song that just about everyone will know the dance to (or be able to easily pick up) Cotton-Eyed Joe is it. This folk song has been recorded numerous times over the years, but the 1994 version, Cotton Eye Joe by the band Rednex, has a techno feel that makes it super catchy and hard to resist. Even your youngest guests will want to get in on this dance floor fun!

You can't leave out something this essential

How could you not include THE line dance song about line dancing? Brooks and Dunn's Boot Scootin' Boogie is such a well-known classic that it's often referenced in other songs (like the next one we're recommending). This tune all about wanting to 'Heel, toe, dosey doe' after a hard day's work will help to appease any older guests who aren't too crazy about some of the more recent songs on your playlist.

Make them shake their moneymakers

Luke Bryan's Country Girl (Shake It for Me) may specifically ask all the ladies out there to show what they're working with, but it's hard for anyone to resist this boot-stomping tune. Lots of variations on the dance allow participants to both shake and swing 'it' making this an excellent choice for a little later on in the reception, after guests have raised a few beers and lowered their dance floor inhibitions.

Maybe after the kids have gone home

Another song that's probably best played after your guests have had a chance to loosen up a bit is Big & Rich's hit Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. The song's suggestive chorus and overall country swagger tend to encourage the incorporation of lots of hip rolling and lassoing motions into a dancer's normal slides and grapevines. You may even want to save this song for close to the end of the reception—after the families with kiddos have retired—so no one has to feel awkward when your equine-obsessed, seven-year-old niece innocently exclaims that she would ride as many cowboys as it took to save the horses.

Kick back and relax

After all the work you've put into your wedding, you deserve a good time, and country legend Alan Jackson is happy to help you out. Since the Good Time music video shows off the official line dance for this song, you shouldn't have to worry about lots of different variations confusing your guests, and the laid back vibe of both the lyrics and the melody make this an all-around crowd pleaser.


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