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Wedding Theme Ideas: Monochrome Moment

Wedding themes constantly fluctuate in popularity, demand and fashion. For nine months it’s a pretty pastel shade parade, then suddenly big bold and bright is the way to go! Really, how is a wedding planner to keep up?

As ever, the key is to go with what you love, trends can be followed or used as inspiration, but personality can only come from the heart of the wedding party. However there is one classic theme you can always count on to ensure class, beauty and a touch of haute couture – a monochrome wedding will never disappoint. 

The main advantage of having a black and white theme is that it will never date. We’ve all seen an auntie / mother / grandmother squirm as they look back on photos of their own day, whether it be big bright bows or bridesmaids in neon nylon dresses. However if the photos are printed in black and white, a certain touch of class is present, hiding a multitude of color sins under the monochrome hues. To translate this into reality on your day is nothing short of stunning.




Many couples shy away from monochrome as there is a fear that it will be too overpowering, but this does not have to be the case. If you don’t want your day to look completely like an early Elizabeth Taylor movie (though really…whyever not?!) then pick a handful of areas where you want to focus the dark/light affect.

Table settings, the cake, the bridal party, décor, lighting; flowers - there are endless possibilities and you can be as full-on or minimal with the two colors as you like. Also, black and white creates a stunning backdrop if you introduce another color. Blue, pink, silver or gold are all extremely complimentary when showcased on a monochrome platform.  

 Just remember that you are in control of the monochrome effect, it does not have to overpower your day, but will work hard to create a simple serenity which never gets old. 


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