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What's in your wedding-day purse?

What’s in your purse right now? Go on – no cheating – take a look in there and do some counting. We’d bet good money that there are at least 15 items in that baby: wallet, keys, notebook, lip gloss, lipstick, oh look – another lipstick, a pack of tissues (thanks for that life tip, Mom), two safety pins, a few business cards… you get the drift.

Us gals at DW HQ couldn’t imagine going purse-less for too long. It’s easy for guys – stash the phone in one pocket and keys and wallet in another – but even if we pared down our arsenal to those three essentials we’d still be stuck. Ever tried wedging an iPhone into the butt pocket of a pair of skinny jeans? Unpleasant.

If we’re this surgically attached to our purse and all of its contents (I’m going to eat those souvenir mints some day, I swear), how can we be expected to toss it all aside on our wedding day? I mean, c’mon – when’s the last time you saw a bride toting her Michael Kors shoulder bag around the reception room?

This is where your Maid of Honor comes in handy – not only will she have been tasked with organizing your bachelorette and making sure you got home in one piece, she’s the one who’ll play pack horse on the day, carrying your belongings around so your hands are free for meeting, greeting and holding your bouquet during photo ops!

Still, you don’t want her laden down – and chances are, you won’t need your phone (as everyone you love is right there with you) or your organizer (c’mon, one day!). So what should you bring with you (along with the touch-up tools recommended by your makeup artist)?

1. Safety pins

Every woman should carry these with her, all of the time – most especially when she’s in a dress she can’t (or won’t) change out of. Three minimum.


2. Oil absorbing sheets

Retro, right? We love these for mopping up shine along the T-zone – and take it from us, all of that talking will really work up a sheen. Shu Uemura’s Face Paper is our favorite, although it is pricey; try The Body Shop for a budget-conscious alternative.


3. Lip balm

This isn’t for color so much as for moisture. We’re serious about all that talking! Try to drink a small glass of water at least every half hour, and keep those kissers moisturized throughout the day!


4. Breath mints

This one’s a bit of a doozy. Weddings = kissing, and not just your lucky beloved. You’ll do more kissing on this one day than you’ve done in your whole life up to this point (and, if the rumors are true, than you’ll do after!). Keeping a stash of mints means you won’t have to worry about indulging in the delicious garlicky chicken.


5. Antibacterial gel

This may seem a little extreme – these are your loved-ones, after all – but if you can’t make it to the ladies’ room in between courses and find yourself sitting down to dinner after a heavy bout of handshaking, this could make the world of difference. Better safe, right?


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