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Why Your Worst Wedding-Day Fear Isn't All That Bad


During the wedding planning process, it is near to impossible not to get bogged down in the what-ifs. What if the cake is the wrong color? What if the flowers don't arrive on time? What if nobody dances or the food is bad? 

If you take one piece of advice on board throughout this entire ordeal / adventure (delete as you see fit), let it be this: believe us, everything is going to be okay. Yes, everything - no matter what goes wrong. Don't believe us? Take it from people who've been there... (And remember - it's not a disaster unless it's really a disaster!)

You don't like your dress

"I bought my dress in a bit of a rush because it was the first one I tried on and kind of liked!" says Ella, who married her husband last year in a church ceremony with 150 guests. "It was a sample and I got a really good deal, and to be honest I didn't really enjoy planning and just wanted to get it over with. But as the day got closer and closer, the more I looked at it the less I liked it. I was really dreading wearing it on the day!

"But of course, on the morning of the wedding, with all of my girlfriends around me, drinking Champagne and getting our hair and makeup done, I didn't give it a second thought - and the day was just so wonderful and I had such a great time that it never occurred to me to ask myself if I liked it or not!"

Something's wrong with the food

"We spent so long deliberating over menus with our venue," says Elizabeth, whose winter wedding last December saw 60 of her and her husband's nearest and dearest celebrate at an intimate sit-down dinner. "On the day, they had some kind of problem with the ovens and they had to swap out our baked canapés for alternative versions they could make on the stove - after all of that tasting!

"Luckily, my wedding planner somehow kept the news from me, and between checking on relatives and talking to old friends, I didn't see a single canapé! By the time the meal came out, they'd solved their technical problems and I was none the wiser - until, days later, my Mom was talking about some kind of avocado blini that I hadn't sanctioned. By that stage, I wasn't even mad - although, if someone had told me on the day, I'm sure there would've been tears."

It rains

"We chose the second weekend of July for our wedding," says Sasha, who had a barn wedding with 200 guests. "So we thought, we're pretty much guaranteed to get good weather, right? Wrong! It rained from the second we woke up that morning to the second we went to bed later that night! When I woke up, I thought - what a disaster.

"And don't get me wrong - it wasn't ideal. I had to hold up my gown every time I went anywhere - and by the end of the night it was pretty filthy from the wet floor - and our planned outdoor wedding photographs were a bit of a washout! But I've never laughed as much as I did watching my bridesmaids smiling through the rainstorm, and everyone was such a good sport about it. I can't really imagine it any other way."

Besides which, rain is good luck - and look how great things turned out at Amanda and Austin's rainy celebration!


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