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Wild Bunch - Flowers to Get Excited About

There are two types of brides in this world. Okay, who are we kidding? There are BILLIONS of types of brides in this world! But for the purposes of a conversation about wild flowers versus more traditional, formal bouquets, there are two types of brides: the bride who knows exactly which blooms she wants (peonies, roses and ranunculus, please) and the bride who wants to go a little more au naturel with her floral choices.

First things first, let's dispel those nasty floristry rumors: going for wild flowers doesn't mean you're abandoning your florist and DIYing your blooms. Of course you can do that - just as much as you can do it when you're going for more traditional flowers - but you will alleviate a lot of your wedding-day stress by handing the reins over to an expert.

Wild flowers can look utterly beautiful, and they're especially appropriate in a more relaxed setting, such as Amanda and Austin's outdoor wedding in Nashville, and when paired with a more laidback gown (think BHLDN rather than Berta Bridal!).

One great - and very cost-effective - way of getting a more "wild" feel to your flowers is to point your florist in the direction of using more, rather than less, greenery. It's often a lot cheaper than bulk-buying blooms and it can make a bouquet look great: really soft and earthy. We're especially big fans of succulents, which seem to be to the wedding world what kale is to the fitness world: super-hot right now!


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