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Will you Marry Me? Signs He's Going to Pop the Question

Your friends are all married and you’ve been with your guy for quite some time. Everyone keeps asking when you’re going to walk down the aisle - well you could be engaged sooner than you think!

How can you tell if your boyfriend is getting ready to propose? These are some of the sneaky hints that your boyfriend is about to ask you to marry him.

He takes a sudden interest in your father

If he starts dropping your dad’s name into conversation and casually asks for his contact details then you know something’s going down. This is especially true if your man is the traditional type and wants to do things by the book. Asking the father-of-the-bride for permission to marry means he’s ready to get down on one knee. Now you have to cross your fingers that your Dad says ‘Yes’ so that you can too.

Your family are acting strange around you

Ok, your family is far from normal, but if they start acting suspiciously around you, then they might know something you don’t. Once they haul you into jewelry stores and comment on styles or stones, your proposal senses should start tingling. Then if they suddenly become your guy’s number one fans, it’s a cert that he’s planning on asking you to marry him.

There’s a sudden interest in weddings

When your best friend got married your boyfriend had a good time, but he didn’t pay much attention to what was going on. Now he’s taking an interest in the floral arrangements, the wedding cake, the venue and the menu. What’s going on? Even more bizarrely, when the time comes for the bride to toss the bouquet he encourages you to catch it! Now your proposal alarm bells should start ringing loud and clear.

He takes a sudden interest in your jewelry

You notice that your favorite ring is missing, or he starts asking questions about your favorite gemstones. You might have even caught him in your jewelry box pretending he was looking for a nail or something like that. If he’s buying an engagement ring he will need to know your ring size, and what better way to find out than bring something you already wear to a jeweler. 

You both start window-shopping

Usually you come to a dead stop in the street and he’s 10 steps ahead before he notices that you’re not by his side. Now he’s the one taking an interest in sparkly things in shop windows and he’s asking you questions about them! When he asks which is your favorite you might as well start doing research about wedding venues.  

He books an unexpected weekend away

Usually you can’t get him to even look at a holiday brochure or give his opinion on a hotel. Now he’s booking a romantic weekend away, and all that you have to do is pack! Something is definitely up, and it probably has something to do with these four words -  ‘Will you marry me?’

He takes you on a date, for no reason

He knows that you love romance, so he has booked the restaurant where you had your first date in advance. This guy has never done anything like this before so we deduce, thanks to our Sherlock Holmes style detective skills, that something big is about to happen. Something big, like a proposal!

He's nervous and acting out of character

When you’re alone together on your romantic, if unexpected date, he can’t sit still. You’re telling a hilarious story about your boss, but he’s not concentrating on what you're saying and then he goes to the bathroom every five minutes. Has he got food poisoning, or could he be about to pop the question?

He drops a hint

Your guy has never been good at keeping secrets, like the time he blurted out that he had bought you a Marc Jacobs bag for your birthday. Now he’s asking about your feelings on marriage, what your idea of a romantic proposal is, or even how you would like to be proposed to. You don’t need to be a genius to figure this one out – he is going to propose! 



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