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Wishful Stinking - The Foods NOT to Eat the Night Before Your Wedding!

We all know there are certain things that are guaranteed to give you almost instantly bad breath: alcohol, coffee, cigarettes... But there are lesser-known culprits that can fester overnight and emerge the next day, not only in the form of bad breath but also by seeping through your pores and releasing odor when you sweat (ugh!). The good thing about bad odors? You can't see them in your wedding photographs, so either way you'll look great - but you probably don't want your honey puckering up after your "I do" moment, only to wish that he hadn't!


This is, understandably, top of everyone's list when it comes to foods to avoid. A little bit of garlic and you can smell a bit... interesting. A lot of garlic? This baby is roosting in your pores and emitting its fiery odor with every step you take, every swish of your hair, every bat of your eyelid. And no amount of washing, scrubbing or deodorizing is getting rid of it - you simply need to wait it out. Best practice? Avoid it for at least 24 hours before your wedding.


Another predictable one, onions and garlic are closely related when it comes to odor - it's the sulphur in both that is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and emitted when you sweat, talk, move... We probably wouldn't enforce a 24-hour rule with this one, as onions are slightly less offensive, but if you're having them the night before your nuptials, make sure they're cooked (caramelized is best!).

Mexican food

Some people are super-lucky; they have really high metabolisms and their bodies process highly acidic foods such as spicy, salsa-laden Mexican faster than others. But ask yourself: is that a chance you want to take? If you know certain foods cause indigestion, trapped gas or bloating, maybe avoid them. If you're from Cancún and eat tacos twice daily, you're probably gonna be fine!

Citrus fruits

In fact, a lot of acid-heavy foods will cause stinky breath - oranges, lemons, tomatoes and, believe it or not, eggs. Okay, maybe we believe it! The bacteria that causes bad breath thrives in an acidic environment - such as your mouth, after you've filled it full of acidic food!

Stringy meat

This is a texture rather than a taste issue, but basically, the longer a food remains in your mouth, the worse it's gonna smell! So anything you think will get stuck between your pearly whites, avoid - or else make sure you carry floss with you to clean your mouth out after eating!

And a few for sweet-smelling breath...

  • Chew on some herbs! Or, y'know, put them in a tea. Rosemary, cilantro and spearmint are great options for freshening that breath.
  • Get some fiber - but make sure it comes in fruit or vegetable form. Try an apple or a stick of celery.
  • Eat some yogurt (weird, right?) - just make sure it has active cultures, which reduce the levels of sulphur in your mouth.

But ultimately? Don't worry too much about it - if he's worth his salt, he won't either!


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