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5 ways... to make dress shopping more fun!

In a dream world, shopping for your wedding gown would always be a magical, fun experience. But for real-world brides, dreams can quickly give way to nightmares. Budget-induced panics, critical friends, rude bridal shop employees, and exhaustion can all conspire to turn one of the most important tasks you've ever performed into one of the most miserable. It doesn't have to be this way, though. If you can make dress shopping fun, you'll get an ideal chance to bond with the people who accompany you, and you'll have plenty of time to build up some excitement about your wedding. Try these novel strategies for the best dress shopping day possible.

Make it a day of self-care

If you're going dress shopping, you want to look your best. So turn your shopping trip into a relaxing spa day. Gather your closest gal pals and go for broke. Get your nails done, stop in for a facial, and maybe even try out eyelash extensions. In between salon trips, run over to the local bridal shop. You'll feel so relaxed and so good about your body that nothing – not even a budget snafu – will be able to stifle your stellar mood.

Go on a trip

Everything feels just a bit better when you're on vacation. Why not capitalize on this and turn your shopping venture into a weekend trip? Try mapping out your favorite bridal shops, then hitting them all on a road trip. If you want something a little more luxurious, book a luxe weekend in a five-star hotel, then spend all day shopping and all night downing delicious food.

Have a girls' lunch

If you can't leave town, you can still get all the relaxation of a vacation. Schedule a lavish luncheon with your closest pals at a local café. After you've fueled up for the challenge, spend the day shopping till you drop.

Make it a game

Endlessly asking for feedback can feel tedious and even disheartening. You can make the process a tad better by turning it into a game. Try giving your shopping partners chalkboards, then allow them to write their ranking of each dress on the board. At the end of the trip, the dresses with the highest ranking get a second try.

Take some treats

If you're pressed for time and can't turn your shopping trip into an all-day event, you can still treat yourself to a little luxury. Pack a cooler filled with cupcakes and other tasty morsels, then sit down every hour for a delicious snack with your friends. No one should ever shop on an empty stomach. The most important key for successful dress shopping is your state of mind. Go into the adventure well-rested and with a clear head. Steer clear of alcohol and avoid loading up on heavy snacks. If you need a break, take an hour to chat with your friends or sit in a park. You'll never get another chance to shop for the gown of your dreams, so you might as well enjoy the process.


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