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How to select your lingerie for the big day - and night!

The thing about your wedding night is… Well, we all know what the thing about your wedding night is, right? Your wedding night is one of the most intimate and special times you will share as a newly married couple and the most important thing is that you feel relaxed, confident and beautiful. You know what'll help? The right lingerie - here are a few tips to consider when dressing to, eventually, undress.

While of course you want to delight and excite your new hubbie, don't get caught up in how you think he wants you to look. He just married you; you can be pretty sure he thinks you’re 100% fabulous. Wedding lingerie should be all about the person wearing it - choose what you think you look good in and, most importantly, what you're comfortable wearing.

Unlike the rest of your wedding, where, well, other people's opinions matter, lingerie is your gift to yourself. Don’t underestimate just how big a part your lingerie has to play on the day (and night) - it deserves some decent attention and consideration. Your choice of lingerie is vital - not only does it have the important task of ensuring your dress fits snugly at every crease and angle, but it is the one thing on your wedding day that is sacred between bride and groom only. (You can bet your bottom dollar that aunt Mildred won't be admiring your ivory silk basque!)

Ensure you choose the correct shape and size that will move with your body: support but not restrict you. Comfort is key and it's no harm to give yourself a trial run. Wearing your precious garments while you do the weekly shop will actually give you a cheeky thrill, as well as allowing you to get used to the fit and fabric. (Just don't forget to check the washing instructions beforehand - you may decide that dry-cleaning your smalls a week before the big day is a bit too much like hard work!)

Choosing the right pieces is both exciting and vital. While some brides prefer to make the choice privately, many will seek the advice of their bridesmaids or other right-hand women (or men!). Go to a reputable lingerie supplier and definitely get your measurements taken - these can vary wildly from brand to brand, and from month to month. You don't want to be pulling at your bra straps while you walk up the altar!

The wedding corset is still really popular and can work wonders for giving that extra bit of shape at the waist - but a lot of designers, like Suzanne Neville, will include built-in corsetry or boning in their gowns, so double check before investing! And don't cinch too tight; it’s not the 1920s and you want to taste your cake! These come in all shapes and sizes to complement your dress and body shape and it’s vital that they fit in exact harmony with both, so try on the entire finished package - perhaps with a girlfriend and a glass of bubbly - before the big day. 

Final touches such as stockings, garters and hold-ups are very much a personal choice so go for what makes you feel special. There is nothing wrong with sneaking away to add a few finishing touches before you retire for the night with your new husband!

And for that good old garter, if you still manage to have it securely in your possession by the time the last song has been played, it will add the ultimate bridal touch to your night-time look. Choose one that fits snug enough to stay up, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. You'll need those legs for dancing the night away! Enjoy!


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