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Savvy Brides: Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

The dress is a bride’s first thought when she is getting married. When we were little girls we dreamed of the fairytale wedding with the beautiful dress. Over the years our idea of the dream dress might have changed, but that vision in white is firmly in our minds when we go dress shopping.

But the fairytale comes at a price, and when you’re working to a budget every cent counts. Never fear, there are ways to save money on a wedding dress you'll love without giving up the dream. It just takes a bit of savvy bridal spending.

Order your dress online

We all love online shopping – what could be easier than ordering the latest fashions with the click of a mouse? There are thousands of wedding dresses available online, but the quality and service does vary, so you have to do your research and ask the vendor questions before you commit to a dress. When ordering remember to check your size is correct for the country you are buying from. Lots of companies offer a made-to-measure dresses so make sure to get your measurements right. Also look into tax , postage fees and any customs fees you might have to pay because these can up the price.

Look for white dresses

You don’t have to go straight to the bridal department to find your dream wedding dress. Sometimes you’ll find potential dresses in another part of the store. Just because it isn’t a part of the bridal collection doesn’t mean you should rule it out. Keep an open mind and search boutiques and department stores for a dress that could be the one you wear when you walk down the aisle. This way you might find your dream dress for a lot less than you thought.

Search for designer discounts

Sample sales are a great source of designer discounts and if you’re willing to travel you can usually find a wedding dress sample sale to suit your dress shopping dates. Sample sales are days when designers sell samples that are used to sell the dress or to get rid of excess merchandise. Some dresses will be worn and some sales have stock in limited sizes and quantities, but due to the popularity of the sales they have grown in size in recent years. Do your research before you go to a sale - have an idea of the dress you want, be realistic about alterations that can be made to a dress, and check if you need to make an appointment to attend the sale.

Get more by haggling

When organizing a wedding you want to save every cent you can. Haggling is commonplace in some countries, and although you might not feel comfortable being pushy with sales staff, you’ll find it’s surprisingly effective in some stores. With more and more competition in the wedding industry, suppliers are open to negotiation and you can talk yourself into a discount. Also, paying for your dress in cash will often get you a discount, especially during quiet periods. If a bridal store won’t move on the price you can always try and see what else they can give you for your money. Like asking for a veil or storage box as a free extra when ordering your dress. But don’t forget to get your discount or added extra in writing!

Look for something old

You can dramatically cut your budget by buying a used wedding dress for your big day. Ask family members if they would be willing to give you their wedding dress, perhaps your mom or grandmother, and get the dress fitted for your shape. You might be able to find dresses for less than $50 at Goodwill retail stores, then you can get the dress customized to fit your style for a fraction of the cost of a new wedding dress.  Online auction websites or local classified adverts are also a good source for wedding dresses. If you fall in love with a designer dress but don’t love the price tag, then take a look online for someone selling the same dress which has been worn and you could snap it up at a bargain price.

Search for discounts

Stores will often have loyalty schemes which give you a discount on your first purchase. In some places the more you buy the bigger the discount, so you can do all your shopping in one place. Other stores will give you a discount just for signing up to their newsletter! Hunt down discounts and coupons online on websites like before you go shopping and you could get your dress for less. Don’t forget to play the Dreamwedding game that offers you a chance to earn real world wedding discounts!


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