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Trend Alert! Would you Trash the dress?

Your wedding gown will be the most expensive dress you ever buy, but thousands of brides are trashing their wedding dresses for the sake of having great photos!

Pictures that look like they belong in glossy magazines are now hanging on the walls of newlyweds as they pose for shoots that are often downright dirty (and not in a sexy way). There are taking them in garbage dumps, in swimming pools, in the ocean…anywhere that is out of the ordinary. 

Some do the shots on their wedding day. Some organize a special post-wedding shoot. Whatever they decide one thing’s for sure. These gowns are going to need a lot of TLC to get them back to normal (we’d hate to be the ones trying to get those stains out!)

But, the damage is worth is because the results are actually amazing, especially in the photographs of graceful underwater brides. Brides and grooms want something different to remember their day by, and trashing the dress is kind of unforgettable! 

Take a look at these brides trashing their dresses. 

Would you trash your wedding dress for a good photo? Let us know in the comments section!


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