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4 Hilariously Humiliating Wedding Stories That ACTUALLY Happened

Do you keep having that reccurring nightmare that you walk down the aisle only to realize your dress is tucked into the back of your thong? Well, rest assured... even if it does happen, it won’t be worse than this!

Runaway buggy

“The day that Craig and I got married I was thrilled to find out that my daddy had splurged and got us the horse and buggy that I had all but thrown an adult-sized hissy fit for. When I arrived at the church to see it sitting there anticipating our departure, dad said he had gotten a great deal that was almost too good to be true.

"Well, when we were getting in the buggy we’d find out why. The horse took off before my left foot left the pavement - so I go riding down the highway, sans groom, hanging off the side of the cart. Needless to say, there’s a reason some things are too good to be true.”

Hannah B, Atlanta, GA


Looks like rain

“They say it's bad luck for it to rain on your wedding day, so when the black clouds gathered I thought I'd be sick. After months of planning I just could NOT believe that I was going to miss out on my outdoor shots for our pre-wedding photos! I really had to pee but with the rain coming in I knew I needed to move fast to get the photos I wanted – so we did. Amazingly, the rain went to the west of us and we got all the shots we needed.

Once we got back in we realized that we were already 30 minutes late starting the ceremony so we had to go ahead with the service before anyone thought one of us had ran off! All the pollen outside aggravated my allergies. So now I had to pee and sneeze... great! Halfway down the aisle I sneezed... and peed. I spent the rest of the ceremony wondering if there was a big pee stain on the back of my dress. Guess it rained after all.”

Laura, Los Angeles, CA

Who now?

“I’m ashamed to admit it but we got married in Vegas. Yes – one of THOSE Vegas weddings. The couple in front of us got in a huge fight and decided they weren't ready to get married by velvet Elvis. We felt bad for them. Well, kind of – we are kind of glad to go to the front of the line! Well, we get through the entire wedding and when we're being announced to the other waiting brides and grooms, the priest says, “I present to you Mr and Mrs Chow!" My husband’s last name is Jones. Someone forgot to tell the priest that the other couple left. To this day my husband and I check into hotels as Mr and Mrs Chow as an inside joke.”

Becca, Mobile, AL


What’s that smell?

“Get married on a farm, they said. It will be fun, they said. After taking our glorious wedding shots in an open pasture we were married in a country church with white carpeting. I kept smelling something horrible and figured it was manure from the pasture outside. Well, it was manure... but it wasn’t outside. It was stuck to my shoe and I had tracked crap all the way up the aisle. The worst part? I had no idea until I got back to the dressing room.”

Abigail, Atwater, CA


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