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Real Wedding - Samantha and Gibson in Raleigh, North Carolina

Like lots of couples, Gibson and Samantha met through mutual friends who thought they would make the perfect match! One friend spent a summer trying to set them up, and it was at a bowling alley where they first met. But it was at a party where the two got acquainted and they have some special memories from those early days. 

“I first knew I loved Gibson when he would stay up until 4am texting me while I was at work,” Samantha says. “He would bring me food at 2am on my work break. There was one night he recorded the bachelor finale and brought it in to work so my coworkers and I could watch it, along with cookout milkshakes. I fell head over heels for him!”

Gibson knew Samantha was the girl he was going to marry: “I knew she was the one when we were walking on the beach and talking about what we want to do the rest of our lives. Realizing how much she cares about others and her passion for her job and family just made me fall in love with her.”

The proposal had to include their beloved dogs Brandi and Buckeye, and it was in Umstead Park in North Carolina where Gibson set up a team of his two brothers and Samantha's sister to get in to position and be ready to capture the moment on film and video. On their walk Gibson decided to check out a  ‘new’ area of the park, and led Samantha down a trail through the woods and onto a path overlooking the lake. He then stopped in the middle, and after a romantic speech pulled the ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. 

The couple are big Ohio State fans so their wedding was filled with OH touches, from their cake toppers to their champagne glasses. The wedding was filled with personal details as Samantha explains: “We wrote our own vows, as we wanted to be as personal and God centered as we could. The minister was a family friend of Gibson's who meant a lot to us both. When airplanes interrupted the ceremony, the we asked everyone to remember our grandfathers we had lost.” 

The couple say the wedding was a special day they will never forget. “The ambiance and atmosphere was amazing,” Gibson said. “The food was fantastic and our friends and family being there was great. But most importantly I was able to share an amazing day with my new wife. The day was more than we ever could have imagined!”

Check out the beautiful photographs taken by Amy Allen Photography of their special day. 



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